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 My eye is red and swollen and it hurts to blink, whats wrong?
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 I'm 30 weeks and I am in tears because I am having unbearable hip pains. What to do?
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 Migraine Numbness?
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 PLEASE help! My throat really hurts!?
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1. its not strep
2.not mono
3.not my tonsils
4.not allergies either.

They puit me ...

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 I am having severe knee pain, no meds are working, pain is pretty unbarable, what can i do to ease the pain?
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 What kills more people worldwide ciggarettes or marajuana?

 My gf passes out when in pain and sometimes when we are "doing stuff" if you catch my drift. Is this normal?
Is this normal for some people or is there something wrong?...

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 Why are people so against taking pain killers?
Crikey! if they're there why not use them?
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The more the better I say!!!...

 What are the side effects of codeine?
What are the side effects of taking codeine/cocodamol i know that cocodamol is the same but with paracetamol in but when i went to the doctors about my back they gave me oramorph which i have had ...

 I've been feeling dizzy. What's wrong with me?
I feel a tingly dizzy feeling when I move or hear a loud noise. Mother says it's the flu but I don't know about that. Anyone know what I could do to feel better?
Additional Details...

Is pain all the way to elbow normal for a smashed thumb?
My mother smashed her thumb in the car door yesterday. She went to the doctor and they drilled a hole in her nail to release the pressure and all that jazz. Today she is feeling pain all the way up her arm to the elbow. There is no discoloration and she can move all of her fingers. Everything seems normal except for the pain. Is this normal or something to be concerned about?

nathan m
its probably from releasing all that pressure.

Lady In Black
ouch! she should visit the dr again and tell him bout this pain cuz it might be sumthing more serious than it sounds.

Eryn M
yes. your brain is just not shur what happened.

Mom M
yeah that can be normal, she probablt pinched a nerve.. i did that once.. it took awhile but eventually it was ok.. Call the doc just to be on the safe side.. don't be shy.. thats why they are paid the big bucks

It is normal if she also damaged a nerve. I have nerve damage in my neck and lower back that often sends pain down my arms to my fingers, as well as down my legs to my feet. I can still move my arms and legs, but the pain is bad and my fingers and toes feel like bees are stinging them. When she goes back to the Dr., have her ask him about it.

It will just be a damaged nerve. If it is, the pain will shoot right to her elbow. I would reccomend leaving it for a while, then if it doesnt go away, then see the Doctor


depending on the nerves pinched the pain can go all the way to the shoulder

it's normal but she should get it check out as there could be some nerve damage

Dr. PhD
It is normal. If she went to the hospital yesterday they should have mentioned something to her about this. It's a irritated nerve. It'll feel better in a day or two.

she should see the doctor again

Often You have damaged your nerve ... go to hospital for steroid treatment

mia l
If it's only pain, it'll be alright. If it gets worse or stays for a really long time, she should see another doctor, but I think (and hope) that she'll be alright.

This is normal because the tissues have been injured and they are now beginning the healing process. Having increased pain 2-3 days after an injury is normal. Hopefully, she is taking some pain medication on a regular basis for this discomfort. Applying some ice intermittent might also help to decrease the pain. Expect her thumb to feel a little better on the 4th day after the injury.

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