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Is it unusual to feel like something is poking or moving inside your leg?
Sometimes when I sit for a long period of time, and get up, my legs feel like there is something inside trying to poke out and I am worried that this might be a medical problem, can someone help me?

u need to see a doctor asap
get a x-ray. One of ur bones slipped out of place. Either that or ur knee cap slipped out of place.
goto a doctor ASAP!

Sounds VERY much like Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
Of course, check for broken bones, blood pressure problems, circulation difficulties, and freak occurences like an alien/tapeworm/bot fly/anti-christ living inside your leg.

Good luck!

Why not consult a doctor who might be able to help instead of the Yahoo people who probably don't have a clue?!

Have you seen the film "Alien"? It will eventually come out...

Sounds like your leg was falling asleep....

George K
Go see your doctor.

if you are worried i suggest you go and see a doctor,just to make sure it is nothing serious

restless leg sydrome

Sounds like you've got an alien or very large tapeworm living inside you.....just kidding. It's from circulation and nerves being irritated. Like your arm going to sleep. Don't worry about it.

I think you are experiencing cramps. They are nasty little muscle spasms. You should talk to your Dr. about them. Most of the time they are nothing to worry about; however, I have heard that they could indicate a blockage (i.e. clot) in the oxygen flow that your muscles are supposed to be receiving.

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