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Im sad and my heart ache so much?
how to cure??:(

Kay, I don't know why you're sad, but here's a BIG, BIG BEARHUG. You are special. You are one of a kind. In all the world there's only one of you. Even your fingerprints are unique. Know why? Because God loves you, and I do too. He wants you to know that He's always there for you. He's given us the Bible as our roadmap for this life, and He says in there "Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you." Speak to him, honey. He's the only One who can really heal your pain because He created you. I pray that you will be comforted by this and that you will experience God's love. God bless you.

I don't know what caused it, but you can't clinically treat sadness. I suggest finding things you like and enjoy to do, and do it until your heart is content.

For your heart ache, do some light jogging and get some exercise and eat healthy staying away from the oily foods (except olive oil, it's good for you). This way, more oxygen will flow into your muscles, and more blood will flow though your body, giving your heart what it needs to be healthier.

Depends on the reason your heart aches so much. If its due to a death or loss of a loved one its a normal reaction to and you must not feel that it is wrong to feel that way.

If its due to a relationship, this too is normal. The only cure is to deal with your sadness one day at a time. Time certainly heals all wounds, some just faster than others. Keep yourself busy and love yourself generously. It also helps to serve others in your own special way.

concerning sadness , you should cheer up and turn a new leaf, but if your heart really aches , you should consult an older member of your family or a doctor

Don't be ashamed to see a doctor to see if you need an anti-depressant.

Sandi Beach
I don't know what to tell you sweetie because I don't know what's made you so sad. But if you have a best friend talk to them. And if you believe in God, pray. Don't allow yourself to stay in a state of sadness because it can overwhelm you & cause you to become seriously depressed. So please find someone to talk to. Good Luck, Dear.

Time, my dear. it will cure all. I am sorry you have been hurt, but believe me the pain will not go on forever. Allow yourself the time to experience and get over the pain. If you allow yourself to grow from this situation, you will be a better person because of it. Have faith in yourself and move forward.

Why? Did you lose someone close to you? If you don't know why you are sad and there is no reason, then go see your doctor. You are probably depressed.

If you have lost someone, then you are grieving and this is natural. You will have to go through this eventually. Just allow it to happen and you will feel better eventually.

Hope you feel better soon. D

♥♥Meow Baby♥♥
Yes i know :(

I'm afraid only time will heal the wounds...

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