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Any Home remedies or something?
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I've had them since I was 9, my dad had them around the same time in his ...

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 Anyone live w/chronic pain?
i have fibromyalgia and arthritis.i always feel guilty asking for pain meds.im taking oxycodone,tomorow i see the doc to talk about oxycontyin low dose.it seems like its an evil word(oxycontin).any ...

norman t
If my wife presses on her leg with her finger it leaves a lasting imprint. Why?.?
If she presses on her leg on the chin with her finger a dent remains in her skin for quite some time.Why?.

Brenda S
iron deficient

Dinty Moore
Swelling of the skin is called edema and this is that is the way you check for it. It is more noticeable if you press over a bone, like your shin. Typically this comes about as a result of water retention as happens in heart and kidney disease. In the lower extremities it is common with swollen or varicose veins. More rarely it may result from an under active Thyroid which causes a special form of skin myxedema.

It sounds like she is anemic (iron Deficiency). You can get vitamins at any grocery store.

She might be dehydrated? It's the skins way of saying give me some water.

stacy g
She more than likely has a cirulation problem and needs to be seen by the doctor. This is not a good thing. She needs seen ASAP.

Nurse Annie
Sure sounds like she'd retaining fluid, instead of it being excreted by her kidneys: pitting edema.

Does she have a heart condition, lung condition or other circulatory problem. Her doctor should know.


its probably edema.. this is one if the symptoms of a person having kidney dysfunctions.. when there's an increase of fluid in the body.. usually this happens when the person find it difficult to pee.. then all the toxins are stuck in their body and may need dialysis to remove this through ultrafiltration

It is called "pitting edema" and indicates fluid in the extravascular space. Exercise and elevating the legs when sitting can help reduce this extra fluid. This can be the result of simply sitting or standing too long---I have it sometimes after working a 12-hour shift. The swelling should go away after being in bed all night. If it does not go away by morning, it could indicate that she has other issues, and should consult her physician.

Water retention sometimes caused by salt intake. You need to see a dr. to be sure.

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