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I keep having a sharp pain in the side of my belly,I think it is overweight pains? but i am at a good weight.at 14 years old and 10 st 11ibs .

Can you recomend anything or know what it is??...

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If I take two 5/500mg (hydrocodone) will i get a buzz?
yes, i do have past history of drug abuse but i am clean now, i just love vicodin and the feeling it gives. Thank you

If you want a buzz then drink some beer.

I get a small buzz off Hydrocodone 7.5mgs, but when I take 10mg it is to much.

I would call a pharmacist and ask them if it is okay to take that much at once. You don't want to O.D.

If asked why you are taking it just say my Dr. gave it to me for back pain due to I have a bad back due to slipped disk.

That is what I tell the pharmacy when they ask me.
My wife takes it for her back due to the slipped disk.

Depends; are you currently taking Lortab (5/500 mg Hydro/APAP)? If not you may get a buzz, then again you might just get sick. And since I'm writing I just want to say that I have horrible pains and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sometimes I want to die because the pain is so bad, yet I can't beg a Lortab out of doctors because they don't want me to be addicted. So, here you are claiming you're clean but taking Vicodin for "the feeling." I'd do anything for the "feeling" of pain relief, and you take it for s&@$s and giggles.

DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? I sorry I didn't mean to shout but maybe you are going deaf? That's right Vicodin has been linked to hearing loss. Seems it can cause sudden hearing loss.

can you elaborate please?

I know you dont want a lecture and I am not about to give you one...but tell you a simple fact.
You arent clean if you are taking hydro. period. Maybe if you just got out of surgery or something, but you are taking it to get a buzz....ya arent clean anymore.
If you went to NA or treatment then they would teach you that...The best way not to use is to Not Pick UP!
If you want to take them who the heck am I to tell ya any different. If you dont have a high tolerance for them, you should get a buzz.

If you are a lightweight then yeah. That's a good thing. If you drink a beer with it it increases the feeling. It takes me about 3-4 10 mg pills to get a buzz so enjoy that while you can. Just don't keep taking more and more and more because before long you are like a fish and yer hooked.

no dude it wont do nething at all unless you add a few beers on to it

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