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I wear a tote bag to school everyday and try not to put anything heavy in it, but my right shoulder?
hurts everyday. what should i do?

will bengay or salompas work?
will it make my right shoulders uneven from my left shoulder?

maybe you should just try a backpack??

its not gonna b uneven. jus one in pain and one not

i do the same, except it doesn't hurt
try switching to your left for awhile
i highly doubt it will make them uneven, so don't worry

i l♥vermont
get a north face backpack instead. they are so much better than totes.

Bengay will work, but you should really consider a backpack. Seriously it helps your joints, muscles, back, shoulders, posture, etc. It is not healthy to constently have all of that extra, off balanced waight to one side!

Backpacks are designed to carry school necessities that generally weigh more than what your carry in a purse. They also balance the weight on both your shoulders relieving pressure from your spine. Your best bet is to ditch the tote (although it's much cuter) and get a good backpack.

It might. Do you ever sling it over your head to put it on the other shoulder? You can just switch sides occasionally. I had to do this because I wore my bag on my left shoulder for years and it wasn't good for my back. Now I switch sides, even if it is something light, like my purse.

Having an off the shoulder bag can be hard, you can try switching it, but I found it really didn't help, so I switched to a regular backpack, yes, they aren't as cute and convienent as off the shoulder bags, but you can find some cute ones and they will help with the shoulder pain.

Tiger Balm and also consider using a backpack with a frame like those used by campers. It will distribute the weight all over. They also look very cool.

Try ***** or somewhere similar. Get a good one with a nagnesium frami. I traveled all over the world with one when I was young. Good investment

TTU Stars Fan
Use a backpack and use both straps.

Try a back pack and wear it over both shoulders. Don't just drape it over one shoulder or the other.

You should probably switch to a regular bag. When i had a tote bag, my shoulder hurt all day. It can be seriously damaging, especially if you are carrying very heavy things. My only suggestion is to switch to a regular bag.

♥carina luvz u♥
well, you should try to use it on the left and the right. because your going to mess up that shoulder. Its not going to become uneven with the left shoulder, its just going to hurt all the time. And you should try taking some pain Reliever. Such as Advil.

try to switch shoulders during the day every once in a while,
it usually helps so you can give each shoulder a rest

robert S
Try wearing the bag over the other shoulder

Uh, here is an idea--switch the side you carry your bag on.

it prolly just hurt because you are constantly straining it everyday. for a few weeks try putting your tote bag on your left shoulder. after that alternate between the right and left shoulder. one week right, one week left. i dont think itll make your shoulders uneven, but you may have problems with your shoulder later on in life. ive never heard of that happening but, anything is possible.

elizabeth h
salompas should work. maybe BenGay as a backup

Switch shoulders whenever you think of it. BenGay doesn't really work that great. You really could end up with with some shoulder problems. Why not use a backpack?

I would get a backpack.

Try wearing a backpack.

salompas should work well, and BenGay as a backup. you shouldnt have unevenness but probably will have more pain on one side than the other, and it will affect your spine and posture cuz you're leaning one direction all the time. i'd suggest getting a backpack that supports you from both shoulders

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