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 What happens if you dont get your appendix taken out when needed?

Additional Details
i was told i had to have my appendix taken out and i never did. I did not die either that was 5 years ago....

 I feel sick?
i don't kno if i maybe jus have a virus in my system but i been sick for 3 days im feeling weak all over and getting the aches and pains too can anyone tell me wat to do?

Im taking ...

 Dad has pain in left arm?
hello everyone =] my father has been having severe pain in his entire left arm. this started last night, and he is still sore. he tried using a heating pack, but that didn't work. his left hand ...

 I have a terrible pain on my left wrist behind my thumb it hurts about 70% of the time do you know what it is?

 Help!!!! I have been constipated for over 2 weeks...?
Nothing is helping I've tried stool softners SennaS, Fleet stimulant tab, glycerine suppositories. HELP ME!! 3 trips to 2 seperate hosps. 1st sad sciatica
2nd says sciatica but did xray and ...

 What does it mean when you get a sharp pain in your kidneys occasionaly?
this only happens sometimes and when it does the pain is only for 5 minutes or so. but i cant understand why it happens, i drink water everyday i am very active, so what could be causing this pain?...

 Any remedies for sour throats besides gargling with salt water?
I have had a sour throat for about a day now....

 How do i get rid of migraine headaches?
every month i get a migraine, and its soo bad i cant even see out of my one eye! and it feels like i have been throughing up all day and i can barley move!
its the worst pain!
i have not ...

 Is there a stronger pain medicine I can take besides oxycodone for the pain from my tonsillectomy?
I just recently(about 4 days ago)had my tonsills and adenoids removed and some bone reduction from inside my nose.I'm 29 years old and completely understand the pain is much more severe in ...

 How can i stop having migrain?
It attacked me constantly this pass few weeks. I didn't know what triggers it. It's always the half of my head in pain and feel like banging my head against the wall. What can i do to stop ...

 How Do I Lose My Virginity Without Pain?
Hello I am ready to lose My virginity and my boyfriend tried it with me but it hurt so bad I had to stop I heard about lubricants do they really work and is there anything that can help the ...

 My neck hurts!!!!!!!!!!?
today i woke up and my neck stared to hurt. i cant look to the left of me becouse then my neck will start to hurt more.is there is anything that can stop this pain in my neck....

 How do I get rid of severe lower back pain?
I have a lot of pain in the lower right side of my back. I've tried stretching, but that doesn't work.
Additional Details
I don't recall doing anything that could have ...

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I have constant lower back pain and I have tried everything... Dr's have been no help!...

 Heart hurts....?
sometimes i would get a jolt of pain thru my heart, and it would cause me to stop whatever im doing, but it only lasts about 20 seconds, i try to breathe in and it hurts even more.... so i breathe in ...

 Pain after surgery?
- 3 months ago I had my appendix out.
- I went to ER with pretty bad crampy pain coming from lower right stomach. I was operated on that day
- Turns out I didn't have appendicitis but ...

 How to get rid of a headache from crying?
i just cried a lot and now my head feels like its gonna just explode whats a good way without any medicine because all i have are sleeping pills (it is way too late to take them) and laxatives (i ...

 Does it hurt? Several Part Question
Does popping your cherry hurt? If so how bad? Too the point of screaming or just discomfort? And does fingering hurt?...

 Pain in back of neck after waking up late?
hey im a student who is trying to enjoy his summer and i wake up late, however, whenever i do this, i get a pain in the back of my neck and its nothing serious, its just a distraction that can be ...

 Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent Migraines?
My fiance suffers with occasional migraines that are very dibilitating. He doesn't take any medication for it because they don't happen that often. I was just wondering if anyone has any ...

I slept wrong and now my neck hurts help?
I have slept wrong last night and now my neck is cramped up and I can't turn my head to the right I have a heated rice back on my neck but it isn't helping can someone help me? I need to find another way to help.

try applying hot then cold then hot then cold.

Try and move your neck as much as your able. Also stretch your arms and roll your shoulders. Get the blood moving in that area and move the muscles. Apart from putting on a heat pack, which you have done, I can only suggest taking a pain killer like Paracetamol.

Hope it helps.

try icy hot. it worked for me before and keep trying to turn your head. yes it hurts but eventually you'll be able to turn it more and more w/ less pain.

i know it hurts but do try and move your neck as much as possible and massage it to try and Loosen up knotted muscles.

Perhaps you slept wrong but there had to be some condition there for this reaction to have taken place. If you think back a bit, there has been something which has brought attention to your neck before..Perhaps not as severe but enough to make you conscious of your neck.

There is usually a muscle on one side of the spine which is less used than the other.. When you stretch that tightened muscle, it will react and go into spasm. The underlying problem has to be considered.. Why is that muscle tighter on one side? There is a structural (postural) discrepancy evident.. You have one shoulder higher than the other, as is one hip.

If this condition has not subsided within 2 days, don't allow the inflammatory process to increase. See a doctor of Chiropractic and have the problem taken care of. Meds won't correct the problem, just reduce the symptoms.

take some Advil and warm compresses it will take a day or two i know how that hurts I had that happen last week it hurts sorry

All the advice here is good. Add patience to the list because sore muscles are slow to heal. The worst case I had of a sore neck took 2 weeks! So hang in there and move your head gently!

Warm up your neck,wear a big scarf and take some pain Reliever!

You can try eating Panadol. And massaging your neck and shoulder area.
Just to share, we can only sleep with a pillow at a time.
If we sleep with more than a pillow, our neck muscle will suffer the strain.
So just make sure you're sleeping with a pillow at a time.

Khairudin Bin Salim
just let it be. you cannot make it disappear on the spot. It will take a few days....

You have to try to keep moving it otherwise it will stiffen up, and become more painful

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