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Additional Details
Also, my panic attacks cause it too....

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my bro said it was ...

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my doctor diagnosed me with menstural migraines about 4 years ago.. once a month i would get a migraine when i was on my period.. i always expect it. well in the past 3 or 4 months, i have been ...

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 OK HELP possible overdose serious answers only please...?
I was prescribed Diclofenac 50mg tablets after minor surgery.
I am supposed to take 1 three times a day and I have accidently taken 4 today do you think it will be ok? there was a gap of 4 hours ...

 Is death painful?or is it just freedom from all worries ?and pains?
just think that even though ur pushing ur hardest but then also u cannot breathe. practically try holding ur breathe for 5 minutes and u will know. but after death there are no worries in store for u ...

 How do you stay upbeat when you're in constant, chronic pain?
This is something I want to do and hate myself for not doing. So I was wondering how others cope and maintain a positive attitude when they are in chronic pain....

I put lemon juice on my knee caps and it burns?
Someone said that to get the dark skin of your knee caps and elbows to get off to use lemon. So I did and it burning. Do you think its burning because I shaved my legs this morning?

well what a stupid thing to do why not squirt it in you eye while your at it :) have a nicce day

no its burning because someone was messing with you that dosnt make your skin dark haha

Jacob P
U might be allergic to lemons or probably because you shaved your legs.


Andrea J
Yes, you shaved and your pores are open. Rinse your knees with lots of cold water and don't do that again.


Marissa C
umm, i cat really help ya, but you should have more details about your elbows. like did they burn, or just your legs?

Diva 09
Duh, your pores were probably open when you did that, lemons are acidic so they will burn just like it would if you put alcohol on it. Next time wait a day or two.

Jesus M
Just 'cause someone told ya to pour some lemon juice on your knees there doesn't neccessarily means it will work for ya....what I would suggest is to find out exactly why your knees are like that and go to a pharmacist or even Walgreens and find an ointment specifically designed to treat that problem!

well yes that why it is burning.but that also it shows you that is working even if you didn't shave there would be a tingling on your knee caps,but the acid in the lemon does help clean and lighen your knee caps,something not so painful and that work twice as good is raw Shea butter,

Adia H
It's acid, when acid gets into open skin it really burns. But it does get rid of tans and things like that.

thats exactly why its burning

thats like putting salt in an open cut and sealing it with acid



Yes, you probably nicked your knee while shaving and the acid in the lemon juice caused the burning.

never would have guessed
Yes defiantly, even when you sweat with knee pads on it burns. Try doing this before you shave net time, otherwise your pores are open for the acid to get into your skin.

Hope I helped :~)

Jenr R
Yeah, the shaving causes tiny little cuts. The reason why the lemon juice works is because it's an acid and unfortunately that makes it sting the little cuts too. I've heard of this lemon trick several times but I've never heard of it causing any big problems.

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