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 My ear hurts really badly..is it because i'm sick or do i have an ear infection or something?

I have pain or tightness in the center of my chest - dull, but present.?
It feels like someone is applying constant pressure to my chest. Almost like the lingering affect of being punched in the chest, without the initial impact of the punch.

It makes me want to take deep breaths all the time.

It is a dull pain that is just THERE.

A couple times I could feel what felt like loose marbles rolling around my chest.

I am 38 yr old male, 80 pounds overweight, no cholestorol problems. Just had blood tests 3 weeks ago with the doctor saying everything is super duper.

No lightheadedness, no pain anywhere else, but even if my little kids rest their heads on my chest, I have to move their heads to the side to avoid the pain.

Thanks for any assistance.

I'm only 25 and sometimes I feel that way too. But in my case, it was stress, and at times I felt like I wanted to vomit. What I did to resolve the issue was every time I felt a little bit stressed, I would stop what I'm doing sit up straight, take about 10 deep breathes and just reason with myself that its not the end of the world. I would take 5 minutes just to recoup and resume what I'm doing. Its very time consuming during the day, but I found that it helped, and now I don't have marbles in my chest anymore.

If this is not cardiac related, it could be strained intercostal muscles from coughing or heave lifting perhaps. I have also heard that gal bladded issues often mimic cardiac syptoms such as this. Perhaps you should allow an Internal Medicine Doctor to check you for GalStones!

Don't fool with chest pains. I had a heart attack at 40. Get to the docs or er asap!!!

When in doubt with chest pain. . . go to the ER. I wouldn't play with it. Go to rule out heart disease. Good Luck!

that is one of the warning signs of a heart attack, you need to get medical attention asap. bloodwork only shows what you are looking for.

You need the Dr to check you out.

It could be your hear, or walking pneumonia, or gall bladder attacks.

Whatever it is, you need the Dr to see you.

Take an antacid; if this doesn't relieve the pain within 20 minutes, go to the ER. You are prime for a heart attack. Don't take a chance. My husband died of a heart attack at age 40.

Sounds like stress to me. If you have a plain bill of health then I'm guessing that you probably have something stressing you out, worrying you, or you pulled something. I notice my mom pulls things all the time and I get worried and stressed and I don't notice until I get a dull feeling in my chest.

You do however want to watch for if you start vomiting, loose feeling in your arms, if the pain gets really bad, and if you feel like fainting. Then you want to go to the hospital. Even if this seems like nothing keep an eye on it just in case it gets worse. You don't want to get caught alone if you go into a cardiac arrest.

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