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 I was eating a cookie just recently and i heard a crackling sound near my right ear above my jaw. what is it?
what could this possibly be?
it feels a little wierd
it sounds like paper crumbling or something crakcling in my ear?
its creeping me out
Additional Details
thanks so much ...

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 Are there any good ways to get rid of headaches other than asprin?
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 I've been really stressed out lately..?
I've been really stressed out lately. Can stress make your jaw hurt?...

 Is physical pain all in our heads?
if we change our perceptive of pain, will we be able to tolerate it any better?
Additional Details
typo: perception (sorry)...

 Why is self injury so bad?
What makes it worse than any other fix like smoking? I mean I si myself and, as long as it isnt too deep whats the big deal?
Additional Details
To Lily: cutting does make you feel better,...

 Should i go to the doctors?
my lower eyelid is swolen since i woke up this morning theres a bump starting in the inner corner of my eye that hurts even when i blink and my whole lower eyelid hurts is this serious ? do i need to ...

 Does anyone know about ear pain?
Ever since last night I have been having ear pain. It is not consistant but every so often it occurs. It is only on the right side and it feels like someone is poking my ear drum lightly with a ...

 Advice please...?
i know i have a yeast infection i tried telling my mom and all she said was try and have better hygiene i did do that and it didnt help please give me ...

 What causes leg cramps or"charlie horse" when your sleeping?

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 My head is hurting how can I feel better ? Also my arm and leg is in pain..help ?
My head is hurting, my right arm is in pain and my left leg is in pain. I had a horrible sleep lastnight. What should I do ?...

 What has panes and doesn’t ache’?

 I have a stiff neck!!?
i can move my head to the left and up and down but not to the left how do i make this go away please help me. It hurts really bad!!...

 Weird Feeling? Help Would Be APPRECIATED ALOT!!!?
last night i um called my friend and i was sorta freaking out he calmed me down but once he did so i felt really weird cause i felt like i was floating but i was all numb and i the only ...

 Im in pain...whats wrong with me!?
For the last 3 years my joints have been hurting and getting worse. It started with my rists and they felt like the could break so easily. Now my rists arent the worst of my pain. My ankles and knees ...

 What does it mean when there is a headache like pain behind the eyes?
I've been waking up in the morning with a headache like feeling behind my eyes.My neck is also tense and tight along with the headache like feeling....

I have had an axilla abscess cut out from under my arm. They have left the wound open and it has to be packed out every day for approx. the next month. It is absolute agony having the ribbon pulled ...

 Concerns for my 4 year old daughter...serious answers only please.?
My daughter woke up this morning for daycare complaining of her left thigh hurting. It hurt her so bad she was actually limping slightly. She said she didn't hurt anywhere else, just that ...

 Everyday i wake up with a cringing pain in my neck and upper back.wht do i do?
plz don't tell me to sleep in a good posture coz once i've fallen asleep i don't know where i am
i've tried putting those relaxyl and ...

I have pain in my upper back and numbness in my right arm can anybody help?
I have pain in my upper back and my right arm goes numb when I am sitting down without anything supporting my back. Can anybody help me with this?

I have chronic neck and back pain from an Army injury. The best pain relief I get is going to a chiropractor, but make sure it is one who takes x-rays BEFORE any adjustments. He needs to be able to see what is going on with your back and show you as well as explain the treatment plan. I like this better because I do not have to a be on meds and the relief is more long term.

In the mean time put cold packs on it to relieve any internal swelling. You can also roll a towel up to where it fits under your neck to relieve the pressure and lay on the floor to relax your back. Also you may want to take something like Aleve or Naproxen which is an anti inflammatory to help with the pain.

a doctor can help you

I had this recently, it was the same as you are discribing - you will find it's probably your shoulder where a muscle has been pulled, I went to physio for this. I bet you can't put your hand behind your back and lift it toward your upper back.

The numbness comes from inflamation of the muscle in the shoulder. Pls see a physio to get better

use vicks vaporud in the area where you have pain and do a litle massage it can help you to nigh but go to the doctor as posible he can give you something bether.

I would make an appt. with your primary care doctor if you have one. If not, make an appt. to see a chiropractor. There are many many causes of back pain and numbing in your arms. Heart problems, nerve problems, disc/cervical spine problems....the list goes on. If you don't want to see the doctor atleast call the ER or nurse hotline to find out if you should take Aspirin or Tylenol. There are also pain patches in most grocery stores or pharmacies that work very well and last about 8 hours. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

You need to see a doctor for immediate remedy. For long term, I'd suggest you follow this book: "Back Care Basics: A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief by Mary Pullig Schatz"
It helped me get over sciatica & lower back pain.

May be related to slipped disc. Please consult an Orthopedic Specialist. In the meanwhile please take complete bed rest lying on your back.

Sounds like a pulled muscle putting pressure on your ulnar nerve.

See a doc to be sure it's not more serious.

I would have to also go for an impacted nerve of some type. You need to see a qualified doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

It could be a upper back problem, the numbness in your arm could be related to nerve affection in your spinal cord.But you should see a Doctor to get fully examined, so that you can explain with more details like time of appearance of the symptoms and progression of them.

Hope it helps.!!!!

fun u
my friend iam also suffering with the same problem as u do , so plz if u find any good suggestions just inform me
get well soon

Felix Arcanus
sounds like slipped disc or bulging disc pressing on a nerve..

well i had a extreme herniated disc in my L5 , and i had numbness like pins and needles up and down my leg to the toes.Well i went for a MRI and went in for surgery but mine was serious. not saying yours isn't. my friend had the same thing as you and he went to Physio and seen a doctor which they will prolly do a MRI or CT scan. if anything make an appointment with a orthopaedic doctor or a Neurosurgeon

Yep, sounds like a pinched nerve in your back. That would make your arm go numb. My suggestion is to for you to see a chiropracter, who can fix ya right up! ;)


wow that sounds serious...maybe it is a spasm of some kind. not sure.. don't know much about that, but I can offer a massage

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