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 Heavy backpack?
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 How do you know when your appendix ruptures?

Jeffrey S
I have pain and numbness in my legs and feet. What should I do ?

go see a doctor...

Allen L
Is poor circulation; see a Dr

Lady Sardonyx
go to the doctor, or at least call him. it could be a multitude of things, from a blood clot to a herniated disk.

John Scary
Go to a doctor

angry fans
of course you need first to consult a doctor.

you need to think of are you diabetic or not. mostly this may happen if you are diabetic for long period of time.

you may think of arterial vasoconstriction,
if outside the USA you may ask for Trivastal or in the USA you may ask for Trental.

Go to the dr and get it checked out. It could be something serious!

You probably have circulatory problems in your veins. See a Doctor soon.

See your doctor ASAP. If it's persistant and/or constant, it could be many issues related to blood circulation and clotting.

Buddy Love
take 2 asprin and post me in the morning.

Ron K
I think that you should see a doctor about this as soon as you can. If could be a side effect of poor circulation, which is not good but it can be prevented.

See a Neurologist as soon as possible. You may have a disc problem, or a Neuropathy(spelling?) Good luck,friend. Do not delay a visit to the doctor. It could very well be something VERY easy to correct.

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