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I have bit the inside of my cheek and it's really sore. Does anyone a quick way to relieve the pain?
You can see where I have bit it :( Really hurts! Please help me!

King Orca
Vodka, about half a litre should do.

The Crow Tribe Awakkule
bite the other side then this side won't hurt any more

debbie b
bonjela what you use for babys when they are teething.its great it numbs everything

might have turned into a canker sore...they can hurt really bad...they arent contagious, but usually take medicine to heal...should take 3 days or so....oh, and gargling with salt water might help too...oh, and STOP BITING YOUR CHEEK!!!

annette w
Bongella is really really really good for that.

Gargle with mouth wash to disinfect it. Then eat some ice cream to help numb it. Plus it is a good reason to go out for ice cream. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Give it 24 hours and you won't feel it. Loads of blood vessels in the cheek. It'll heal quickly!

Just forget about it, i know it sounds hard but its the only way it will go. It will take about 3-4 days to heal up. Try bonjela.

Jo M
rub Clove oil on it.

BONJELA, it rocks =)

Stop biting it! LOL

The Bird
Get some Gentian Violet. You don't need a prescription, but you may have to ask for it. It's cheap and almost nobody buys the stuff, so why waste shelf space. It's like purple ink. Put it on the sore spot and rinse your mouth out with water. It will adhere mostly to the problem area. If you eat you have to reapply it.

try drinking luke warm herbal tea rosehip or any herbal tea that is red

Use pain relief which can be used inside the mouth, I use Bonjela a lot for pain relief.

Veston Pants


Bonjela is best for mouth ulcers.

Gargle with warm salt water a few times a day until well and apply peroxide to the bite with a Qtip. This will help alot.

Warm water Mouthwash, cool bonjela afterwards

If it is that bad I usually place a soluble Paracetamol over the damage and allow it to dissolve, don't do this too often as it can damage the lining but it will give relief.

Add salt to the sore!

gargle with warm salt water and spit it out several times a day. Take your usual over the counter pain Reliever should help too.

Raising Three Ducklings!
Orajel is a pain killer for the mouth and found at most local drugstores.

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