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 PLEASE ANSWER!!! How do I get rid of this pain in my neck?
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I have bad pain in my lower back. it seems to get much worse when I have to go to the bathroom. Why is that?

Linda D
Go to your doctor - you need a professional opinion not ours!!

sounds like you have a kidney infection. you should go to the doctor asap you'll need antibiotics.

Kat J
Sounds like a urinary Tract or kidney infection. You need to go to the doctor as soon as possible b/c it will probably get worse!

Until then go to the store and get Azo (not the Cranberry tablets, but the ones that help w/ urinary Tract infections). It will numb that area and help w/ the pain until you can get it checked out by a doc! (BTW the Azo will make you pee bright orange so dont be surprised when that happens!!)

Good luck!

kidney stone? strained muscles.pms.cheap shoes.too much lifting. the list goes on.Do you have a fever? NoAppetite. tenderness in the abdomen? If yes get to doctor

Well, I imagine that you are having lower intestinal (colon)pain. Kidney pain is also in your back, but not what I would describe as "lower" back. Liver pain is upper right quadrant. I am guessing you mean pain that flanks each side of your spine, above the buttocks, in the lower part of the back. Does it feel like cramping? Do you need to strain when you go to the bathroom? You should see your doc, but take notice of whether you are constipated or not so you can tell him/her.

Maria K
Maybe you lifted to much weight. You should drink milk everyday for calcium

You didn't say if you mean bladder or bowel, but if it's bladder, you may have kidney stones.

Get to a doc, OK? Especially if you have any sign of blood in urine.

You may have a urinary Tract infection. You may want to check with your doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.
Also, you can just start drinking alot of water in the mean time.

For this Question u need to answer these quiries
Does your height compatible with your weight
Did had a fall long back
Do you drink a lot of coffee

elodie duck
Sounds like a kidney infection. You should see a doctor.

could be kidneys or liver, drink more H2O or lemonade (lemons detox the liver)

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