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Adriana L
I have a small cut on the inside of my top lip. It really hurts and I don't know?
what to do. ANy home remedies? I can't really eat cause it burns!

Donna L
Pain inside the mouth can be soothed with Anbesol or some other oral analgesic. Cuts in the mouth heal more quickly than on outside your body. I know that from experience.

Cammy, AB
You prbably can't do anything about it. Just wait it out.

swish salt around in your mouth 2-4 times a day for a few days it will hurt a lot but do it for about 45-60 seconds each time. have a lot of salt. im sorry. i hate those damn things

No home remedies that I know of but Anbesol works great at numbing cuts and such in the mouth. Eating wont be that fun cause it also makes your tongue numb but at least it won't hurt. good luck.

Try putting an ice cube on it. Since that's a difficult spot to hold an ice cube on, it may be better to freeze some water with a stick or toothpick in it (like making a popsicle, but with plain water) and hold the ice to the cut with that. Don't drink anything out of cans while you have the cut there; that's just asking for the cut to get bigger and more painful.

get some of that numbing stuff for kanker sores or something.

clove oil

salt water rinses.
glass of warm water + a few spoonfulls of table salt.
Swish it around for a few minutes then spit it out, do this a few times a day.

The good news is that the tissue in your mouth heals pretty quickly. Bad news is it won't take a bandage! I don't know of a remedy other than waiting. Avoid acidic foods for a day or two.

Rachel Green
ambisol , spelled wrong of course, but there's lots of commercials for it, any drug store or discount store will have it probably in generic, it's minty and numbs any mucous area, like the inside of your mouth

try applying this gel, it works within a day, its antiseptic its composition is Choline salicylate b.p 9%
chloride solution i.p 0.02%
its acream in india known as zytee gel
but u can try for applying butter or if it bleeds badly try drinking tender coconut
and for pain while eating apply some anesthisia, i would suggest zeylokane mouth anesthisia

Putting ice on it might numb your lip and stop the pain!!!

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