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 More info about my last question about my headaches...?
i drink a lot of water, i am not stressed out in any way. my back is just fine, its not out of alignment. i went to the doctor today and she said she isnot sure why they happen. she said keep a ...

 My Throat Is Killing (right side) And So Is My Ear (right side) So What Do I Do And anytime I Talk It hurts?
On Sunday august 17 my throat started hurting when i was on the phone and then when i got up my ear started hurting so my throat is killing so is my ear (on the right side) so someone please ...

 My friend took 13 asprins?
she just called me and is a wondering if its bad to take 14 asprins in a period of time of 10 minutes

what should she do?...

I've had Heartburn since around four hours ago. I'm thirteen - so no hope of pregnancy. I don't mind taking medication, but I'd prefer to do something that didn't involve it. ...

 Pain in my ankle help!!!!!!!please?
After a girl kicking my broken ankle i was in big pain,so i went to the hospitle to get an x-ray,there was just brusing,and i got a cream.

after 7 months i am still in pain,the cream helps,...

 Will you get sick if you take goody's powder and tylenol PM at the same time?

 Everytime i feel a serious pain at my side it come and go do u think it is that i soon have babyplease tell me

 What can i do about a mother that is addicted to vicoden?
She denies it and my father said he doesn't see her do it, cause he works alot....

 Would having acid reflux give you back pain?

 Extreme headache...?
My dad is in a rock band, and he said that while he was playing, he had an extreme headache like never before, and now he's burning up a bit.

I was wondering what could possibly be ...

 My hubby's hands fall asleep at night.. and more.. plz read!?
My husband works for a landscaping company so he is constantly using his hands. This past year (he's worked there for about 2 yrs) his hands have been in a lot of pain. Mainly at night is when ...

 How can someone find a remedy to get rid of migraine headaches?

 I heard that chewing on a clove leaf can help with a tooth ache, has anyone tryed it and does is really work?
I have this terrible toothache that is causing my ear to hurt it's driving my crazy and i need some relief!!!...

 Problems with down below?
I have seriously bad pains down below that never seem to go away! I get it every signle day for about well i can't remeber the last day were i havent had these pains. Is something wrong with me??...

 Help, Ibuprophen question?
Im a 160 lb male, i have a really bad sore throat and i have 200 mg ibuprophen .

How many 200 mg ibuprophen can i take?...

 Cramps below my belly button near my pelvis =(?
H, im 15 and i have some AGONIZING pain below my belly button around my pelvis to the left and across the middle but not on the right. all my life i have had issues with eating and getting told i don&...

 "Gut Rot" what is this?

I feel a burning sensation in my stomach and up my throat i can feel it all the way up and it can be quite painful, this used to only be after i'd be out drinking- I thought it was ...

 Omg My Back Hurts! Please Help!?
ok well, the other day i wiped out when dirt biking, but i was fien, then 2 days later, i wake up, and my back kills.

i dont know if its cus i slept wrong, or maybe when i hurt myself on ...

 Does a tetanus shot hurt???
i half to get one this week and I'mm sooooooo scared!!!!
i got a few questions:
1) does the needle go all the way in your arm
2) how long is the needle
3)does it hurt more ...

 Why is walking away always the right thing to do?

I have a pain in the arch of my foot; what could it be?
I get this pain in the arch of my foot, does anyone know what it is? The pain isn't constant, it just comes out of no where whether I am walking, standing, or sitting. When the pain does occur it happens in quick bursts, it will hurt for a couple seconds then there will be no pain for a couple seconds (the times vary, but the intervals or no more than 10 seconds). These quick intervals of pain only last up to 10 minutes at a time, and it happens 1 - 3 times a day. If you know what it is or anything I can do to reduce the pain then post your answer. Thanks.

you stepped on a nail

You might have high arches. It would feel like you pulled a muscle when it hurts. Try shoes with arch supports or buy supports to put in your shoes.

It could be a foot cramp, or just that you dont stretch out your feet enough, or that you pulled a muscle in the arch. I get foot cramps a lot so those are normal but if they last a long time then I would go see a doctor.
Hope it helps!!

Could be a condition called plantar fasciitis. There are a variety of exercises you can do to stretch the tendons and ligaments.

Let's think minor- take and eat some friut with Potassium in it. Muscles will ache more if your body is lacking it.

I think half fast above is on the right track here.
Your calf muscles wrap around your heel and some attach where our arches are. If you have chronic tightness in your calf muscles it puts a lot of strain on this attachment point. You get mild inflammation and in time you can develop bone spurs or Calcium deposits.
This can cause more inflammation and involve the nerve resulting in the pains you describe.
The best way to get rid of the problem is to start stretching your legs and especially your calf muscles. It will take awhile to completely eradicate the problem but you should have results within a couple of weeks.
If you can find a massage therapist trained in Repetitive Use Injury Therapy they can do wonders for you in a short period of time.

I have found soaking in an Epsom salt bath takes away a lot of the pain and reduces inflammation.

Good Luck


fallen arches??

that happens to me to cuz i have high arches...it feel like someone is pulling a muscle in it really tight for like 10-15 seconds and its like really sharp pain and then its okay and it comes and goes

i never have done anything about it but the answer about arch support sounds about right lol

The first thing you need to do is see a podiatrist to find out what is causing the pain so you can take care of the problem.

could be plantar facitist (sp?). Where the ligament in the arch of your foot is too tight...the pain is like someone stabbing a knife into the middle of your foot...sound familiar?

There are stretches you can look up online and brace type supports you can wear to stretch the ligament so you won't get the pain.

hope that helps.

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