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I have a pain in my left side that hurts more when I breathe. Could it be my appendix or my gall bladder?

My husband had the same thing - he had kidney stones.
If it doesn't go away, or is accompanied by nausea or fever, see your doctor.

Both your appendix and your gall bladder on your right side. If it hurts when you breath, you need to be checked for a problem with your lungs. Good luck.

can't be appendix, that is on your right side, gall bladder is also between middle and right side, on top of the liver. Go see your Dr. If you can't afford one go to the emergency room at a hospital. They can not turn you away and you dont have to pay at time of visit

Neither, both are located on your right side. If you have pain that hurts when you breathe you could have a fractured rib, inflammation of the tissue between the ribs, pleurisy, pneumonia, a pneumonthorax, or any one of a dozen other things. You need to see a doctor and have your chest x-rayed to find out what it is. Some of them could be life threatening.

Right lower quadrant pain is typically appendix pain, also vomiting ,diarrhea, severe pain... Gallbladder would be more midabdominal pain, typically coming on after eating, especially a fatty meal... Now left side pain hurting more when you breathe could be a muscle strain, or maybe something on your ovary,,, get it checked if it persists.

I am happy to inform you that your appendix is on the right side... happy because by the time you wait for a reply thru Yahoo questions, it could have ruptured and instead of replies we would be sending you obituaries. Appendicitis is a very serious life threatening matter.

Please please please! If at anytime you suspect a possible appendix problem, go straight to the doctor and leave the games for later. I really can't believe that people put their health in the hands of Internet readers! Merry Christmas to you and good health.

I would say you should seek medical advice. G O S E E A
D O C T O R . . . .

Appendix is on the right side and gall bladder i believe also is. Best to see a doctor.

Probably not. It's probably more of a muscular thing although it might have to do with your left lung. Had a cold or anything lately?

Pain when you breathe is usually related to the lungs or ribs. If it was you appendix you would be in severe pain. For a proper diagnosis though you need to see a doc.

Your appendix is on the right side.

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