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I have a bad pain in my Abdomen on the right side, what could it be?
I woke up through the middle of the night with a really bad pain in my right hand side of my Abdomen. Its similar to a stich pain but 10 x worse. I still have it and it hurts me more when i sit down.

Do's anyone have any idea what it could be?
Could it be my Appendix?

Simon C
It could be, sharp abdomen pain without a known cause is actually considered a MEDICAL EMERGENCY as sudden death occurs if your appendix explodes. I suggest you get it checked out immediately, although it could be trapped gas or any number of simpler causes.

If it is not though you can die, not really worth the risk. when I had the same thing happened to me I phoned an ambulance and went to the hospital.

Nurse Soozy
It could be any number of things. It is impossible to diagnose on Yahoo. See your doctor or phone NHS Direct for some sensible advice.

If it's on the right hand side it could be gall stones. They are usually brought on after eating fatty foods. If this happens again I would see your GP.

Nancy H
Funny I had same question the other day.My pain was when I pressed on it 2" to right of bellybutton.Or if I stretched or laughed,felt like a stitch.I don't know if this is related but I stopped all dairy and it took 3 days to go.Don't know what it was but it went on it's own.It wasn't shockingly painful,justaching type pain,enough to keep you focused on it all the time.If yours is bad pain go to doctor.Could be appendicitis,wind,pulled muscle,irritable bowel.cheers

Could be a rumbling appendix or just something like constipation. if it doesnt get any better or if you start feeling really ill, go to the docs, they'll just give you a quick check over & at least it'll put your mind at rest.

Veronica Alicia
Lie on your back.
Think of your belly button to the top of your right hip as the bottom line of an equilateral triangle.
Now - find the top point of the triangle which is into your lower abdomen; press on this point.
If this is the most painful area then it could be your appendix.
I think it might be a good idea, anyway, that any severe pain be taken to a medical person for a proper diagnosis, don't you?

I had that symptom a year ago, and it was my appendix. The pain was half way between my navel and right hip. It was right where the seat belt crossed my hip when I was driving. Get it checked!! My symptoms didn't seem it was that bad, but when they did my surgery, they said it was about to burst.

Get to the hospital Right away!! It is better to be safe than sorry or even dead! Even if it may turn out to be not so bad, (like gas), you need to be sure it is not your appendix.

GO, GO, GO To the hospital! NOW!

Hope you are well and that this helps!

The main symptom of appendicitis is belly pain. Many people feel the first pain near the belly button. Then it moves to the lower right side of the belly. But the pain can be in different parts of your belly or even on your side or back. The pain may get worse if you move, walk, or cough. You may also have a fever or feel sick to your stomach.

Sometimes the only symptom is a general feeling of not being well and a pain that is hard to describe. The pain in your belly may be different than any pain you have had before. It may be severe. Or it may not seem like a very strong pain, but you may have the feeling that something is wrong. Trust your instincts.

Because the diagnosis is not always easy to make, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible if you have symptoms.

In some cases, appendicitis does not cause any symptoms except for belly pain. If you have moderate belly pain that does not go away after 4 hours, call your doctor. If you have severe belly pain, call your doctor right away.

How is appendicitis diagnosed?

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