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I have 2 ulcers in my mouth. they hurt so bad, please help if you know a quick way to fix this problem.?
one is on my bottom lip and the other is near the bottom part of my mouth near my teeth so it hurts when i try and get someting out of my teeth. :/ please please please help.
Additional Details
im not going to a dentist for ulcers. ill try the salt water.

why are you on yahoo answers. when you should be at a dentist :

Yes, as for the one inside the mouth simply rinse your mouth out 3 to 5 times a day and until it finally goes away, with the original "Noni" Juice by Morinda, and for the one outside on the lip apply the Noni juice directly on it as often as possible until it disappears. I know it works & you'll want to thank me. You can get this juice only through distributors or at this address.
Tahitian Noni Internationl
6600 Dixie Rd. Unit 1
Mississauga, ON. L5T 2Y2 Ph: 1-877-995-6664
Just mention my name (Denis Morin) Good luck.

add salt 2 warm water and gargle it. also buy anbesol.

you could g to a dentist and ask about Debacterol. works fast.

I know it sounds weird, but my doctor recommended applying milk of magnesia with a q-tip. It really helps for some reason??

At the store where the Orajel is there is another product called Orabase. It comes in a little tiny tube that looks like a toothpaste tube. It is a thick paste that you squeeze out onto your finger and apply it to the sore in your mouth. Hold your lip away from your teeth for about a minute to let the paste set up. The paste will adhere to the sore and it has a mild numbing agent in it that will almost immediately relieve the pain. It also has medication in it that will speed the healing of the sore. Reapply as the directions on the tube indicate.

CureChrome will heal and take the pain away. Iodine will do the same but might sting a little. Ora gel will numb it but will not aid in healing. Don't drink orange juice, or ingest anything with tomato in it. The acid will not help you. Walgreens brand of Mecurichrome is CureChrome and is good. Apply directly to ulcers as often as necessary. They should heal within 2-3 days at the most. I'm sure Walmart will have some form of CureChrome also if Walgreens is closed. I hope you feel better soon. This is what my Grandmother did to me and I still don't know anything that really works like this does. And it's cheap.

Try a mixture of Peroxide and water mix half and half do this a few times a day

ask your doctor for a prescription for Temovate. It is a steroid gel, and it is the only thing that has worked for me! I was referred to a research dentist at Baylor College of Dentistry several years ago. He told me it was a little known effective treatment! My girls and I always reach for the tube at the first sign of impending doom!

I used to get ulcers very often, so I know LOTS about this.

As a rule of thumb, the more painful the treatment, the better it is =P no, seriously. The best is by chemical cauterization; if you could get your hands on ointments containing polycresulen, use it (in asian countries, they go by the name Albothyl; I don't know where one can get some in the USA). It hurts like hell, but after about 1 minute you don't feel anything anymore, and in 1 1/2 days it'll start to heal (you know, when the ulcer 'tastes' sour).

But if you can't get that, the next best thing is take a pinch of salt on your index finger, brace yourself, and rub the hell out of the ulcer; do it for 3-5 seconds. Leave a coating of salt there. Don't worry, it'll start to feel numb after about 5 minutes. it'll heal quicker that way. It has something to do with taking the water out or something.

If you think you can't stomach the pain, then you can always use Mouthwash. just gargle for 1-2 minutes, it only stings a little, and It'll give you temporary relief. eat, talk, whatever you want.

Hope this helps. Good luck with that, be brave!

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water and drink it. Then make some paste by adding a little water to some more baking soda and put the paste on the ulcers. And quit drinking or eating anything acidic-orange juice, tomatoes or juice , pineapples, until the sores go away.And drink a lot of water not sodas. Cut out the alcohol too. Soda crackers are OK to eat too. OOH I just read the salt water idea-that will hurt--don't do it!

theres a great ulcer cream called SM33... if they have it where u r get it!! its like a godsent..

Cindi R
The best is usually the oldest. Baking soda water will dry those puppies up really fast. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to 1/2 glass of water - warm water works and feels best. Just swish it around in you mouth - stay away from spicy or acidy foods (like pineapple or kiwi)..it will make the ulcers bigger and stay longer. Keep swishing for a day or two and you should feel lots better...Don't swallow the water unless you want to be burping all night - that same remedy works for upset/acid indigestion - works every time.Hope this works for you!

Peroxide, mixed with warm water
for now, but see your Dentist asap

Screamin' Eagle
Mouth ulcers (sometimes also referred to as canker sores) just plain HURT!

My suggestion is to go get some Kanka. It is an over the counter medication just for these type of sores. It is medicated and will help with the healing. Depending on how large the sore, it may clear it up by tomorrow morning.
It also contains Benzocaine. The same ingredient found in Anbesol and Orajel. So it will also numb the areas that you apply it to.
You should be able to find it where you find the Anbesol and such.

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