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I am 32 and have bone spurs in my neck...?
my neck hurts unreal....my doctor said this is usually found in 70 year old people....how do I deal with this pain?

Kelly Bundy
well your old
what do expect

xXx ♥ David Tennant Lover ♥ xXx
bone spurs? Are they like lumps in your neck and do they make you want to click your neck? Well I have loads on my neck and I got them from not turning over when I'm asleep and you always need to turn over when you sleep and you need to keep clicking your neck and well mine doesn't hurt in the day but starts @ night.

To avoid osteoarthritis, stop eating white flour products and sweets.eat mostly fruits and vegetables.there s operations but I would nt do it.if I were you.valerian Root is something that will relax you.to sleep. Lortab is what I take for pain.in my neck.massage is good.& excersize. good luck.

Doc. justasinner111
Pain meds. then finally 44 magnum. I have it too.

Ask your doctor for a bit more help than just to tell you that youre ageing too fast!

does it make a crunching sound when you turn your neck?

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that must really hurt. and darlin your not old with sympathy from me i hope they can help you with this.

eat lots of raw brocolli, do not use dairy products dairy is the main cause http://www.notmilk.com

U just have to press both sides of thumb - nail side- first joint from nail - if it is chronic - just put any type of seesd there and wrap it with micro tape for 8 hours daily , till the pain ends there , when there would be no pain on both sides of thumb , u would be totally cure from yrs neck problem

I have to agree with catsclaw; steer clear of milk and eat more broccoli and spinach as a reliable source of "good" Calcium.

The professor
Eat fresh pineapple. Fresh (not canned) pineapple is rich in Oxalic Acid which helps remove excess Calcium. A bone spur is a Calcium accumulation. Works good for bursitis too.

i say gettin a good massage every day and good rest

The first thing I would like to tell you is I have great compassion for you. Living with constant pain gives the person an additional pain , one that is emotional. I have been seeing a pain managenment doctor for over 20 years now. I have changed 3 times due to my insurance changing but here is what is offered to those that can not get relief from medication. I was offered to have a Morphine pump inserted in me. There are two different sizes and the operation is not a hard thing to handle. You would go into the hospital for about 3 days and that is so they could monitor the amount of medication your body needs to be able to live a normal life. You can wear the same cloths after and once the device is implanted you go in once a month and get the pump refilled , which amounts to a visit while the medication is going into your pump. just like many people wear pace makers for their hearts this is a lot safer. A small tube is connected to the base of your spine and since the medicine goes up through your spinal column a lot less is needed then if you were taking pills or wearing patchs. I wish you luck. If you are near Baton Rouge Louisiana I would be happy to give you the name of the doctors that provide this service. Not all pain managenment doctors use the same method. Self hypnosis and meditation are also a tool for helping the body to adjust. I would ask the doctor to let you see your mri not just read the paper intertation. Then make your decision. Long range you would turn to surgery and that is never perfict. Most paitients I know have had surgery for the spurs and they come back. Diet is also something to look at. You can go to the www.watercure.com site and they have some helpful information but depending on the amount of pain and the actual condition, your last or first best bet would be to go to a pain managenment doctor. Pain is now considered a diease in iself. Good luck.

Jody A
professional massagae

Your doctor is being very unhelpful and that's not strictly true, bone spurs can form at any age. I'd recommend you see a chiropractor; depending on which phase of degeneration your neck has reached
with time it might be possible to reverse this process, or at least stop its progression. I'm sure chiropractic manipulation would be able to help with the pain too.

Gerry M
I am 50. I have had these for about 15 years now! The spinal cord gets trapped on the spurs and the pain is excruciating. I had a CAT scan done and was told that a simple ultrasound operation would remove them. However, they do grow back again! so the Docs like to wait as long as possible to do this procedure. Good luck! I know how painful this is.....

Bone spurs, also called osteophytes, are bony projections that grow along the edges of bones. The bone spurs themselves aren't painful, but they can rub against nearby nerves and bones and cause pain.

Bone spurs can form on any bone. Most commonly they form where bones meet each other — in joints — but they can also be found where ligaments and tendons connect with bone. Bone spurs form in the joints that make up your knees, hips, elbow, shoulders, fingers and feet. Bone spurs can also form on the bones of your spine.

It isn't clear what causes bone spurs, but doctors believe they occur in reaction to changes in your joints due to diseases and aging. Bone spurs usually occur as a result of a disease or condition — most commonly osteoarthritis. But they can also form on their own.

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