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 I hurt my ankle in gym today. hurts really bad? hurts to even put a shoe on ...do i need a doctor????
i hurt it in gym. it hurts to put any pressure on it......

 There's a knot on my wrist...?
I have this knot where my right hand meets my right wrist. It hurts somethin terrible when anything touches it. What might be the cause? And how to either get rid of it or help it?

I ...

 Side pains after heavy drinking?
Earlier tonight, i had 15 shots of whiskey... more than ever before. I puked about 15-20 times... now 5 hours later, I have these sharp pains onthe sides of my lower back. any explanation? is this ...

 Do crocin has side effects?
i have been taking crocin regularly atleast 10 tabs a month.
i want to know if i keep taking them in same way will it have some side effects on me....

Does Percocet make you really tired?
I've just been given it because of a really debilitating migraine, and I'm just curious as to how out of it I'll be once I take it.

 Are there any really good remedies for lower back pain?
I was getting back in shape and I been experiencing some lower back pain. I have done the cold method, the drug method, but it is now switching sides. It bothers me when I sleep. I have to perform ...

 Ive been on a constant dose of hydrocodone for the last two months. Will my tolorence go back?
i've been on a dose of about eight 5mg. vicodon tablet a day for the last few months. this is the max dosage for me. in the beginning i didn't take nearly that many. now i have to take 3...

 What is a home remedie that is a pain killer?
My mom broke her leg, she had the survey and is now in the cast. However her medication is done, she doesn't have a refil, and can't get the doctor until Monday. Do you know of any home ...

 What is the reason for leg cramps, and what can be done for them?

 Can heroin be prescribed by doctors?
if yes, do you think it should be?...

 I have been having terrible leg cramps in my calves for about the last week. Anyone been thru this/advice?

 I'm suffering from low back pain from past 6 years, how could i get relief from it?
actually 6 year before i fell down in backward direction. from then my low back pain is maintained and sometimes its very severe. my x-ray report tell us that I HAVE A LOSS OF LUMBAR CURVATURE i'...

 Why do I have low backache?
I'm 18. I have a lower backache since August 2007. My back of right side is hurt than the left. Why is that? I think myself I may be sleep in wrong way or not control my back properly. I am a ...

 The weirdest thing just happened to me!!! I got this pain...?
I just got this sharp pain in my left temple next to my eye...Then I put my hand there and was like oouuch...I felt like a little welt/bump and it felt like it was throbbing...I feel kind of wierd ...

 Is 1600 mg of motrin a lot?
im 17 have bad ...

 How do I get rid of cold sores..ouch...?
I always have cold sore at least once a month..and it hurts bad..I could not eat or drink..I tried some of the over the counter medicines but did not help must..anybody knows any kind of good ...

 Is it okay to take 200 mg of ibuprofen twice a day?
i only do this twice a month for the first two days of my period, because i get horrible cramps and tylenol doesn't work good. i'm 16 yrs old. is this okay to do? i have to sneak the ...

 Painful earlobe?
i don't know whats wrong with me, but for the past few weeks i get this pressure in my earlobes (not in my ear), where the cartilege ends... it hurts, but goes away after a few seconds. it'...

 My head really hurts any cures?
I was dancing and did a backflip and hit my head right in the centre on a wooden floor. It really hurts and always hurts externally. Any cures?...

 What are these chest pains?
I keep getting a pain in between my breats and its really bad. It's not like heartburn or indigestion, its like a crushing, tight pain that can last upto an hour or so. Im getting it at least ...

I'm broke and disabled. I need help?
My State disability has run its course. Now I'm trying to get SSI disability. I had surgery on one knee, waiting to get surgery to replace the other knee. I have a churshed verterbrea in my upper back, asthma,arthirtis and restless leg syndrome. I also suffer from mild depression.

Mel W
I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. Do you have any family or close friend you can turn to for some assistance?

There are many places you can turn to for temporary assistance:

1) Salvation Army

2) Goodwill

3) The United Way (they have many different charities within their organization, and together may be able to help you with many of these concerns... financial and otherwise)

4) YMCA &/or YWCA

5) Also contact local churches, or other religious service providers... I do not know your faith, but often these places want to help people who are struggling.

I hope you are able to find the help you need.

If you don't already have an attorney, the best thing to do is get one on a contingency basis. You don't win, they don't get paid.

Golden Boy
try welfare

Please get in touch with Allsup Inc 1-800-279-4357 or you can fill out an evaluation sheet for free. Just go to their web site . They are great about helping people. Email me I might be able to help, I can see what I can do. I need to know what State you live in.

There are so many foundations out there that help people who are disabled out. Any government office will send you to the right people

dolores s
If you have someone caring for you, or assisting you, that person would likely be able to receive an income from IHSS.

I am on disability myself. The one thing you can do is apply for wel-fare and food stamps. I was on that for a few years before my disability came through.

I hope and pray for your sake that they are more speedy than they were for mine.

Kym M
Depending on where you live can you see you Dr and find out if they can help you with cheaper medication and if they know of where to go for help. I know where I live the Dr's usually know of where to obtain help in your local area. Otherwise google your local government site to see what they have and even ring around or e-mail places to find out what they can do. I had to do that for my daughter who has learning disabilities. :) Good luck and god bless you.

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