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 What is the difference between physical dependence and addiction?
I'm talking about prescription painkillers.
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I have a slipped disc in my lower back, I can hardly walk or stand upright when I get up in the morning, I've ...

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I have checked all the wiring....

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 Whats wrong with me?
For 2 days, I have been getting sharp random sour stomach pains (just below my ribcage, dry throat, white tounge, and sometimes dizzy. rarely i get a sharp lower back pain when i inhale/exhale. I ...

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I also had a ...

 Headaches please help?
I have really bad headaches everyday , they are not migraines i know the differance. I take alot of tylenol/advil does anyone have any other suggestions for getting rid of them so i dont kill my ...

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 Any idea why I have migraines for 1st time in my life @ 35?
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 Leg Spasms? Leg Muscles Cramping? HELP!!!?
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 The difference between left and right side of the brain?

 Pain in groin?
I keep getting this pain in my groin.It comes and goes.Sometimes its after Ive stretched or something and other times I could be lying in bed and it just comes on.Any idea what it could be? Its been ...

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 Which is stronger, Darvocet or Vicodin?

 Why does it feel like I have a bruise on my leg, but there's no bruise?
My leg hurts soooo bad! It feels like I have a bruise on my leg but there is no bruise have you heard of that?...

 When i get erction , in my panis some luqwid comes .what it is. an how to prevent this?

 Is there a cure for carpultunnell (or however its spelled...)?
I have on and off carpultunnell for a couple months and its sooooo annoying!!!! is there any way to make it go away or at least make the numbness in my hand go away????...

How to tell if you've broken your hand?
I think I just broke my hand...or something. I can move it in all directions but I have this dull pain in the back of my hand. It feels much like the pain I got when I broke my hand on a previous occasion. Whats the best way to tell if its really broken?

I hurt it by falling down and landing on my fist...ahem yes...

Barb Outhere
Fractures are usually associated with some or all of these symptoms - bruising, swelling, deformity, loss of movement (or occasionally extended movement) tenderness at the site, and pain on movement.
If you have free movement of all the parts, and just a "Dull ache" and none of the others, you may have just bruised it when you "fell and landed on your fist"
But if in doubt, get it x-rayed (and see if they believe your story)


i have osteogenisus imperfecta.. in other words my bones break like glass. last year i completly shattered my wrist and felt no pain at all. ofcourse i could see the break myself. i have lost count of the bones i have broken so take it from me if you think its broken get an X-ray to be sure. you dont want to end up haveing it heal wrong and grow wrong.

broken bone hurts like hellllll when you touch it. put your finger on the place you think is broken and push it a bit if the pain is really really bad, then it is broken

Most hand fractures occur as a result of direct trauma to the hand. Commonly an object either falls on the hand or the hand strikes an object. When the hand fracture occurs common symptoms include:

A palpable deformity
Difficulty moving the fingers

Read on at the 1st link

For another article, including symptoms and treatment, click on the 2nd link.

Your hand can still be broke even though, you can still move it. Go and have your hand checked out. My son broke his same hand 3 times, In the same place. Each time he could move. Go to the hospital and have them do an X-Ray. Put ice on it to reduce the swelling.

One is deformity of an area. also the biggest is if its a sprain it will swell immediately and a break won't swell for 24 hours thats why they wait to cast an area is to allow for the swelling!

Steven C
thump the end of your fingers slightly if it hurts your hand it is broken that is what my doctor did for me.

Grim Prophet
if it hurts when u shake someones hand, then yeah it might be broken. tell them to give it a good squeeze.

Even if you can move it, it could still be broken. Unless you can feel the fracture or a bone is moved out of place, the only way to tell is by X-Ray.

dances with unicorns
Rather than try to get an answer here, it might be good to go to the ER and get them to take an X-ray of it. Getting your hand fouled up on a permanant basis is NOT a good idea.

Try to use the other hand to, er, fall on next time, ok? btw - the folks in the ER won't care how it happened - it's not a gun-shot wound, after all ;-)

Going to the hospital, getting it x-rayed, then getting a cast if it's broken.

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