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How many pain killers can you take before they are damaging you?
i need a wisdom tooth taken out, and for the last 2 weeks ive been taking 8 pain killers a day.
my appointment is not until the 8th September (NHS).
so I'm going to be taking 8 pain killers a day for about 3 and half weeks.

its says on the back if symptoms persist for 3 days to stop taking the pain killers and see a dr

im getting stomach pains but im unsure if they are related. but is it dangerous or damaging to take so many pain killers over a tight space of time?
Additional Details
i just got off the phone with them, they moved it from the 8th to the 6th, and i said it was an emergency and all she said was, well this is the NHS. (cow!)

its just over the counter pain killer, anadin extra.

try reading the instructions...duh

you should see your doctor for advice or get in touch with the dental practice and tell them how painful your tooth is and maybe they could fit you in as an emergency ?

Yeah 8 is the limit for 24 hours. Make sure your eating and drinking plenty that could affect it. I would see the doc though. Better to be safe than sorry :)

Bella B
Don't go over the recommended.

The smaller you are the more damage but you can do damage without even knowing...

Depends on the type of drug but nurofen can cause stomach ulcers and renal problems...

Elaine W
What kind of pain killers are you actually taking. Have you read the instructions carefully and not taking too many. If its just anadin extra then nothing to worry about two tablets four times a day will not do you any harm. Dental pain usually responds better to an anti inflammatory tablet like Ibuprofen though. Do not take them if you are asthmatic or have a stomach ulcer. These can be taken in addition to the anadin

You ask this and there are people wondering on here if it is safe to snort 6 Oxy's a day. Your fine.

It's usually the Paracetamol in the painkillers that can cause liver damage. That's why they are only sold in packs of 16.

They can also irritate your stomach, but all you need is some ranitadine, you can buy it at the chemists. The brand name is Zantac. Don't take them at the same tame, take the painkillers and then 2 hours later take the ranitadine.

As long as you are being supervised by your dr you can take painkillers for years. Just don't exceed the 8 in 24 hours rule.

No problem whatsoever, people that suffer with chronic pain (Rheumatoid suffers etc) will be on pain control for many many years.

You may be having some stomach upset from the Caffeine and Aspirin within the product. However they are both low dose, so it would be unusual to experience and significant discomfort.

You may wish to try just Paracetamol alone (TWO tablets FOUR times a day). Pain control will be much the same, but it will cost you less money.

However NEVER take Anadin Extra with any other Paracetamol containing product

You should not exceed the daily dose of 2 QDS. (No more that 8 a day) It is not ideal to take pain killers on a continued basis, but it should be fine to take till your pain has subsided

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