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How long till I can drink alcohol after taking vicodin?

say about 20 min, thats about when it starts to work, now if you have some percs, wowwwwwwwwwww take about 6 perc's and drink a 6 pack thatssssssssssssssss greattttttttttttttttttttt

take one for the team...to be a real champ you have to take them together.

I always wash my Vicodin down with a shot of vodka!

ummmmm like 6 to 8 hours....

Rhea B
If you are taking Vicodin,then you have some pain issues you are dealing with.And Vicodin is a narcotic. I would concentrate on getting well,then when you have been free of narcotics from your system for at least 24 hours and know that you will no longer be taking any more, then resume your drinking. Narcotics and alcohol can slow down your respiration rate and this isn't anything you should be messing around with.

i would suggest professionally 8 hours.

depend on how much Vicodin you take, wait 8-10 hours, dont kill yourself...

you shouldn`t be asking how long ,instead you be asking how much,goodluck were all counting on you

Trip S
4 to 6 hours

SWALLOW!! any questions!

Responsibly? At least 4 hours... But there's a school of thought that maintains you should take the Vicodin WITH alcohol. But that school is pretty messed up... all the time.

Vicodin is not only a pain killer it has opiates in it.Opiates is a derivative of Opium and is a very very strong downer. Drinking alcohol is taking a chance of u not ever walking up.I think if you take this drug u should not drink at all that day.This will make sure u wake up the next day.Everyone that is telling u to take it together is an idiot.Everybody is different and your body might have a low tolerate for drugs and like I said before, u might not wake up.

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