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 Headache question...for 4-5 weeks my husband was having 2-3 full size cup of coffee each day, now he is having
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his pain is mostly around his eyes and fornt head.


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Beast from the East
How long does a nerve take to grow back?
How long does a nerve take to grow back?
I was kicked in the face and my nerve below my left eye was severed. The left side of my face (between eye and nose) and left side of my nose is totally numb because of this(I cannot feel anything)... how long will it take to regain feeling in my face. The doctor said it can take up to a year, is this true ?

What exactly happens to the tissue when the nerve is severed?

Does the blood flow still get to it ? Would it not start to rot if it is not getting enough blood ? How does the nerve grow back ? My face looks exactly like it did before but I cannot feel one side of it...

From my anatomy book, nerves do not grow back.
From personal experience nerves do not grow back.
Supernatural intervention is required.

DIANE Aberdeen
I had a stomache op. Was cut from hip to hip. All the nerves in my tummy was severed. I was told that these nerves never join again. I still have no feeling across my scar area and that was 7 years ago. Check with your Doc again next time you are there, as having no feeling in the face area cant be very nice.

Sessy R
Sometimes you never get feeling back but if you're lucky in some years maybe.

I had nerve damage in my thigh about 2 years ago from a dog bite and I still have no feeling, also my husband severed his thumb half off and that has been about 3 years numb. So don't hold your breath, you get used to it though =0)

DA BRAIN MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it will never grow back

A nerve cannot grow back. It can however heal if it has been bruised ...are you sure its severed?

nerves dont grow back am afraid, if they are severed they need surgical re-attachment, just bcos a nerve is severed doesnt stop blood flow, it simply cuts off any feeling from the area the nerves were attached to, it is possible for sum regeneration after time, but new nerves dont grow

Fruit Cake Lady
I had surgery in 1978, and have a 12 inch scar. I feel numb above the scar still. My son also had surgery, and he also has no feelings above his scar. That has been almost 10 years ago. I think it depends on your body and how close the nerves endings are to each other. The Dr. told my son it would take a few months which burned me, and I told him not to lie like that. Then he said he would never have feelings there, or they would at most be faint.
Your nerves will get blood from the other end. Blood veins tend to grow to help sections of your body to make sure they are fed.

I am not sure if nerves do grow back. I had an op for a trapped nerve in my elbow about 8 years ago. It turned out that the nerve was damaged. I have had very little feeling in the fingers of my left hand since before the op, and the doc told me it would probably like that for life.

❂ BlueBerry ❂
i don't think nervous cells ever grow back

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