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i already know what not to eat and avoid
Additional Details
it hurts really bad right now. i cant walk.. i have....

How do you make hunger pains go away?
I don't like to eat late at night or close to when I go to bed because its not healthy, but lately I haven't been able to sleep so I've been staying up later than usual, and I get really hungry. How do you make the hunger pangs go away without eating?

There are several pressure points on the human body that reduces hunger pains for a while. I don't know what they are but people in the military learn them so I would recommend you check their website.

u can try o thing abut something els.. or maybe playing online games... ^^... they sure make u forget abt food...=)

Dawanna J
Try eating a small piece of cheese or cottage cheese. Anything dairy will make the hunger pains go away...the food is healthy for you...and will help you sleep.

Johnny C
Eating is not the problem. What you eat is the problem. If you eat a simple leafy green vegetable or some thing like a carrot (no fruits now!) it will curb your hunger pangs and you won't gain weight. You could drink a glass of water too.

J. R
umm eat...or drink water..or chew some gum....?? or just goto sleep dont think about it...or sleeping pills..

The Chesire Cat
It is very unhealthy to ignore hunger pains..regardless of the time of night or day...

If you are experiencing hunger pains every night close to the time you are going to bed, your body is trying to tell you that you are not getting enough nutrition and not eating enough to sustain yourself during the day.

Try adding a healthy snack to your evening routine an hour or 2 before bedtime. A piece of fruit ans a serving of yogurt might be all you will need.

Hunger Pains are a serious signal and if ignored can be an early sign of very serious health problems to come in te future due to poor nutrition.

It is a basic sign of starvation

drink milk, or water or something light like crackers. well, hope that helps

Who said it's not healthy to eat before you go to bed? It may be for some people, but everyone's metabolism is different. Many Doctors recommend their patients have a small snack before bed for a variety of medical reasons. My wife is a Doctor and I can guarantee no responsible Physician would say such a thing.

If drinking a glass of water doesnt help - eat something like fruits or small healthy snack.

If you are hungry then eat its your bodies way saying it needs fuel. Just like in a car then the needle reads empty then it wont go further. You body is the same a highly complex machine.

Unless you're trying to lose weight, it won't hurt to have a small snack before bed. Even if you are trying to lose weight, it's generally bad if you're feeling hungry since that means your body wants food/drink, and when it doesn't get it your metabolism will slow down.
So go ahead and have a snack at night. If you want to make it healthy, try stuff high in protein and/or fiber. Like a stick of light string cheese or granola, or a cup of yogurt with some cereal mixed in.
If you're really concerned, you can just have a nice big glass of water and that'll probably do the trick for a short while. Or even try some fiber suppliment with the water before bed. Regardless of age, fiber will fill you up and it's great for digestion.

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