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 Can it make a guy sick if he takes 2 over the counter pain pills for menstrual cramps?
My boyfriend had a terrible headache this morning so I gave him 2 of my over the counter pain pills that were for menstrual cramps. Then about 4 hours later he got sick to his stomach and remained ...

 Nausea and abdominal pain after eating?
After I have a big meal, i will sometimes get extreme abdominal pain with a nausea feeling, then diarrhea. the abdominal pain and nausea goes away slowly after having been to the bathroom. Could this ...

 Am I having... growing pains?
I just woke up with horrible leg pain... it reminds me of the growing pains I used to get when I was younger. I am eighteen now, and around 5"4.5...

 My both legs hurt help???thanks?
hi,my legs hurt on Tuesday night.and my knee hurt.i am 14 does that mean i am geting taller.it feels like a pain.if you. have any question e-mail me at nickel794@yahoo.com. ...

 Bad back pain. 13 years old. ?
I'm 13 years old. I've had lower back pain for about 4 month, maybe more. It's been constant, non stop. It hurts the most when i have to stand for over 20 minutes. It hurts a lot when ...

 Is any first aid when you have a headache?

 What is the easiest way to break your wrist?
What is the easiest way to break your wrist?...

 I got a sharp pain in my right when i was sitting last night what does this mean?

Additional Details
The pain under my rib cage and the pain took my breathe. I don't know what this mean, PLEASE HLEP ME....

 Best headache remedy?
Sinusy, tensiony, probably not true migraine, though some of these have actually led to a true migraine....(for that I've got something greata) but until then......

 Pain in my chest?
It's on the left side close to my heart if not on it. It only lasts a second or so but I have had it happen 3-4 times in the last month with no correlation to my actions from what I remember. It ...

 I can not take Advil (ibuprofen),What type of pain medication can I use instead of that??

 Does anyone take Oxycontin for chronic pain and if so does it help? Pros and cons?
I have disk degeneration and 2 unoperable bulging ...

 Is there anybody rheumatoid arthritis that has been helped and what worked? Please my Mom is in extream pain?
Please help. She is not getting better on the curent medication....

 Can anyone recommend a way to relieve pain caused by a boil?
i have already used a hot compress...advil..and ...

 I have this leg pain in my upper right leg.?
i have this upper right leg pain that has been going on for a long time now and when i walk on the right leg it hurts like crazy!!! its like someones poking me with needles and stabbing me. and i ...

 Has anyone taken tramadol? iss it good for pain?

 I got my foot stuck in my but how do i get it out?
Well i was betting my friend i could wipe my but with my foot wich i did but i got it stuck in there? HOW DO I GET IT OUT...

 My mom is nauseas? help?
She's been feeling nauseated for two days now. She drank a laxative last night but it had no effect. Right now she's in bed... Please, what medicine would help??...

 My right leg fills heavier then my left,i have a weird feeling in it?
it barely started feeling like this an hour ago,first time ever....

 I have shoulder pain, numbness in my hand, tingling sensation from my wrist to my elbow, and neck pain?
I am a 22/female and a server. It feels like my shoulder is pulling on my neck, my elbow to my wrist is tingling, and my. I have had pain in my shoulder for allittle over a year now. The pain goes ...

How do i extract the acetaminophen from vicodin pills?
4 m360 vicodins 7.5/750

Janettes wonderful star
save yourself the trouble and buy Acetaminophen contaning cough medicines

hahaha ZELMER rocks. y u tryin to do that? wanna get a really good buzz without all that Acetaminophen in it huh LOL. i hear ya!!

wHY DO u want to do that? If u want just Vicodin ask your doctor................then go buy some Tylenol....BUT Tylenol is very hard on your liver and kidneys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take Lortab 10/500 or norco 10/325.....alot of hydro and a little bit of Tylenol for severe scoliosis...............

Why would you want to. Go buy Tylenol if you want just Acetaminophen.

Mandy VZ
It's a ridiculous, stupid thing to do, but it is unfortunately very easy and doesn't require much knowledge of chemistry. Erowid.org has instructions on how to do it. As I said, It is unfortuante that it is so simple to do because idiots like this guy take out the Aceta. and OD on the narcotics. I hope that one day they make all narcotics like talwin Nx that have Naloxone in them that cannot be removed and will negate the narcotic effect if altered (crushed, injected, etc). Just take the pills as they are, the Tylenol helps kill pain as well anyway.... although you clearly don't want pain relief... and you're going to kill yourself doin this crap one way or another, you just get to pick OD'ing on the narcotic or rotting your liver away. Idiot.

To all of the answers before me I DON'T THINK IT IS THE Acetaminophen HE/SHE IS AFTER. you can't don't try.

you doufis

I honestly hope you're not serious.

The only way to do that is through some rigorous chemical processes, which I'm sure you are not capable of doing yourself.

send them to me and in return i will send you pills that have nothing but Acetaminophen in them : )

I cannot believe all of the gullible people who have tried to answer your question. lol
But anyway, Einstein, it can't be done, and for a reason!!
So that idiots who are just looking to get high can't abuse the drug. Guess if you wanna use Vicodins to do so, you'll just have to suffer the consequences of the Acetaminophen.

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