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 Burning pain in left side of chest?
for a couple of days now, every 10-20 mins i get a kind of burning sensation on the left side chest. kind of a dull pain. only lasts for a second or 2. fit and healthy, but worried. ...

 Please only answer if u know?
i had a laparoscopy done last thursday for my appendix, and the doctors also removed some tissue that was stuck to my intestine and to my lower abdominal, so its bn a week after the surgery and im ...

 My random comment?
why is it that people have these apparitions of remembering or doing something before which they havent actully done.

i have had these a few times and i would like to know the cause of ...

 I've got this strange pain right below my ear?
I've been having pain and swelling in the region below my ears, especially my right ear, it's lasted for a few days now. Any ideas what this might be?...

 My lower back is killing me, what can i do to it?

 What's the best way to cure inflammation?

 Ouch! Stood on a nail!?
Okay, So i stood on a nail last night. Went in pretty far..Washed it with hot water. And then wrapped it up. THIS MORNING! I woke up and i can't walk right i like try to but i end up hopping.. W...

 Has anyone else got a sore bum after sitting at your computer for so long how to cure it ?

 Lower Back pain problem?
I have been having pain in my back for quite a while. It is worse the morning after exercise. I feel i cant get out of bed some mornings. I also ofen have difficulty getting in and out of the car, ...

 Lump in my throat and constant coughing, am i dieing?
basically, i got a lump in the left handside of my throat and i can't stop coughing either. I'm quite a healthy 16 year old male and i'm also a non-smoker. any ideas whats going on?...

 Can withdrawl of Marijuana cause back pain?
A friend of mine has recently stopped smoking marijuana after what was once a daily routine of smoking. He now experiences really bad back pain and I was curious if this was some how related to the ...

 What if i bleed for 2 days and have stomach cramps and vomiting? Is that normal?

Additional Details
and for some reason i cant eat when im hungry, i feel full when i do, i sleep more than ever, and im irritable. what should i do....

 Is it unusual to feel like something is poking or moving inside your leg?
Sometimes when I sit for a long period of time, and get up, my legs feel like there is something inside trying to poke out and I am worried that this might be a medical problem, can someone help me?...

 Pins and Needles?
I have an annoying habit in the genes, that whenever I sit down I have to put 1 leg up somewhere. When I'm on the computer I always sit on the same foot.. which alas turns into pins and needles. ...

 My head hurts when i run?
I ran for a couple of miles yesterday on the treadmill and half way through i was getting really sharp pains in my eye. They did go after a short while and so i carried on running. Then when i got ...

 Does anyone have any home remedies for a toothache?
my mother has a toothache and the town we live in the dentist are not accepting patcient right now....

 How can i stop my wife's wind its terrible?

 Chiropractor question?
when you go to a chiropractor do you have to take off your shirt for them to examine you?...

 Which way do you want to go?
Slow and lots of morphine or quick and painless?
Additional Details
Well I think quick after seeing how my father went.

He was diagnosed and sent home, given 2 days after ...

 Does anyone have any ideas to help with extreme lower back pain???
I know it's Christmas, so many people may not be on here, but my dad has been having bad back problems for a long time. Most of the time it's fine, but every once in a while, it just goes ...

How do I get my doctor to precribe me a good medication for chronic back and neck pain?
I have suffered with chronic back and neck pain for years. When I was 12 I was in a bad accident. It busted my tail bone and hurt my back. I remember that the doctor told my parents that I shouldn't have any problems with it until later in life, he gave me a back brace, and that was all of it. Well, now I'm 32 and its come back to haunt me in the worst way. Sometime I think that being dead would be better then having to deal with this constant pain every single day! Surgery is not an option right now because I am supporting myself and my son and I can't take the time off from work. How can I get my doctor to give me a good pain pill?! I have never asked for any before but it seems that doctors these days don't want to prescribe them. But I REALLY need them. I'm not a pill head. I'm in pain? What to I say to the doctor? Any suggestions?

I love my baby boy!
You aren't a pill head, yet you're asking for advice on how to get good pain meds? Ok... How about telling the doctor the truth. If you really need them, he/she will take care of you.

tommy's girl
if you live in a state that allows it, get on medical marijuana. i have really bad back pain and spasms and my mom who is an R.N. and has studied herbology recommended that i get a medical marijuana card. the pain pills are very bad for your body and do other damage to your organs. there is a way to take the marijuana so that you don't have to smoke it as well. good luck!!!!

Christian Heavy Metal Bassist
Say that you're in pain and ask for help.

Go to a different doctor.

Tell him what you said here. Suggest going to a pain clinic for evaluation and treatment.

angie b
complain complain complain...tell them that you've tried everything from heat to ice to streching and all the other none medicated ways to relieve back pain...I have a slipped disc...no one want s to help-they suggest therapy...that just causes me more pain, then i found a doc to give me TRAMADOL50mg...its not addicting like vicadin and Tylenol 3 but it really helps w/the pain!!! Good Luck!! You can even buy it over the internet!!

I'm kind of in the same boat here after a car vs pedestrian (me) accident. I was getting Narcotic pain killers at first. They helped but put me to sleep most of the time. So I kinda started not liking them. A Orthopedic doctor prescribed me Cyclobenzaprine, its non-narcotic, so less objection from a doctor to prescribe, and I find it does wonders for my pains. You should ask your Doc point blank "Do you think Cyclobenzaprine will work for me?" But if you want Narcotics there's always "Doctor Shopping."

You need to have you doctor send you to a pain management clinic. They would be able to prescribe you the right medication and take care of your pain.

The first thing you need to do is go see the doc to find out what exactly is causing your pain. Yes it may be from the old accident but then again it might be something new so you have to have a complete exam with x-rays to find out the cause of the back pain. You might be a candidate for an epidural or getting your facets injected or some other treatement. Once you get checked and out if you do find that pain meds is your best option you go see a PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR. These are the doc that deal only with pain management.

Barry H
This is becoming a pretty common problem. It seems to stem for several factors:

1)Some doctors are not very knowledgeable about pain medication and the myth that people frequently get addicted to pain medication. The reality is that very few people develop addiction.

2)There has been a federal crackdown on doctors prescribing controlled substances, and this has caused an over-reaction against prescribing pain medication.

There are doctors out there who will prescribe pain medication as needed. Try either a pain specialist, or possibly a teaching hospital affiliated with a medical school if there's one in your area. Ask around and see if you can get a recommendation. If you know any physical therapists, they would be familiar with how different doctors work.

In terms of how to approach your doctor, be honest and relaxed. Let them know the history of your injury and pain, including the different ways it is impacting your life. Take someone with you to help you remember your questions and keep track of what the doctor says.

I really believe in people getting the medication they need for pain. I also believe that you should go ahead and find out as much as you can about the status of your underlying condition. Supplement your pain medication with alternative treatment methods.

Good luck, and go see that doctor!

Barry Hughes, Ph.D.


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