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 My boyfriend is having chest pains?
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 Is it possible to have sciatic pain in both legs?
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 What is Steroid?

 Shooting pain in left arm?
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 Which pain medicine is stronger percaset or vicodin?

 The pst week or so when i wake up, the three middle fingers on my left hand, are a little numb.What to do?

 What are some things i can do for shoulder pain ??

How do I get a kink out of my back?
i have this AWFUL kink in my back!!! it's right under my shoulder blade. it always hurts, no matter how i position my body!!! i don't have money for a massage, is there any easy stretch or anything to make my back pop and lose the pain?

I don't know...I'm having the same problem, but for me it's the lower back...does anyone have a solution? E-mail me if you do.

its called the doctor! there might be something wrong and it never hurts 2 go

Rachel Z
Try to do yoga or ask a doctor if he knows any thing that can help , you may have pulled a muscle or brused a muscle or ligament (when you do something to a ligament it really hurts)

Hope this helps!:)

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
Try rolling on your back - lay on your back, pull your knees into your chin, and rock up and down.
Find someone to knead out that area for you - for free.

my hubbie had to go see a chiropractor for a painful VERY painful crick and he used a chiro-gun and got it out immediately. 75 bucks but well worth it

tickled blue
it could be a slipped disc, a pinched nerve, or a pulled muscle. You need to get some pain medication and some muscle relaxer. In 1-2 days you will find the pain much less severe or even gone.

Space Chicken
Try Zen Shiatsu Therapy. Treatments are usually $50/hour.

have somebody smaller than you walk on it just right. I do that to my boyfriend's back and he always feels taller after wards lol

Kyle D
Lift your left leg behind you, bent at the knee. Turn and grab the inside of you foot with both hands. Pull your left foot towards your chest. You'll get into a weird shape with no balance. (Do it against a wall for safety/comfort) Repeat with your right foot and your mid back should be good.

hmm.. i think u must go to sleep without thingking that ****.. so u can sleep tight tonight.. haha..

This may sound crazy but I get this in the same place and I find that if someone takes their thumb and pushes(really hard) into the spot where it hurts for about 30-40 seconds it helps relieve the pain. Sometimes they have to do it 2-3 times. Also I have had luck using a door frame, put your hands up high on either side of the door frame and push your body forward. This kind of presses your shoulder blades together and sometimes will relieve the pain. Good Luck.

heating pad or a super hot shower!

go to a government hospital - you could be having some symptom for a bigger problem. Govt hospitals will not charge anything; anyway you will spend less than what you are by surfing the net.

Your best bet would be a chiropractor. You could also look in the yellow pages in your city for massage schools. You can often get a student massage for a really affordable price. In my city there are a few massage schools and I have gotten fantastic massages for about $15 dollars for an hour.

But if that is not possible for you try laying on a tennis ball. The firmness of the ball will help to stretch the muscles around the kink and hopefully release it. You can also try taking Ibuprofen(Motrin). That will help the inflammation to go down.

Hope you feel better soon.

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