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Annie R
How do I get a doctor to prescribe me pain pills?

I want to know this. I'm constantly in pain... even though I'm 24 my knees and hips hurt constantly and my back occasionally and she won't prescribe me anything.
I've heard though, you've got to look for a doctor who prescribe these things easily.

tell him you are having pain...

Only if you're having pain. What you really need is some Zyprexa.

Go consult with one and have the physician examine you thoroughly to determine whether your complaint warrants a prescription for pain medication.

First you have to have a real need for them. Pain pills are nothing to fool around with.

Top Cat
if you dont need them I doubt that the doctor will risk his/her job to prescribe them to you.

Hopefully its for a "pain" and not an addiction. If you are in pain for a medical reason, I dont see a reason why they wouldnt.

just me
Do you need them

Beg and plead. Fall on the floor on your back, have tantrum, and spin in a circle. That should get you a prescription.

Doctors are trained to know if you really need pain pills or if you are just looking for them to get high. Don't go to an emergency department, unless you really need to, because they won't prescribe or administer them unless you really need them.

julia j
have pain

kelly e
Well what is your pain? Many doctors are very liberal if you have a legit reason for pain - ie. back - or chronic -
they want you feeling pain free but you should have a just cause.

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