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 Does anyone else get foot cramps more than normal?
I do, and I want to know why....

 Where can i purchase Vicodin?
i suffer from terrible headaches, my GP has only suggested paracetamol, aspirin and co-codamol.
none of these work.
a friend in america suggested Vicodin.
does anyone know where i ...

 PLEASE ANSWER!!! How do I get rid of this pain in my neck?
Whenever I tilt my head to the left, I have cramps in my neck. Is there any way to get rid of it, besides medications?!?!?!? Are there any ways to prevent them from happening again? Also, are there ...

 OMG HELP plz!!?
I was bored so i looked at spells,Then i saw ne to bring your enemy pain.I tried it for fun.The next day my enemy Started getting really bad stomach aches and threw up..What should i do??...

 TYLENOL ----- or ------- MOTRIN ??????????

 Why am i in so much pain??????????

 Weird things going on! help!!!!?
ok i have this weird image stuck in my mind. its like someone chopped on finger in half, and u can see this tissue and like the pointy bones sticking out from TWO fingers.

how do i ...

 I keep getting these heartburn-type attacks, anyone have any suggestions?
I don't know if it's heart burn, acid reflux, or what; but I randomly get these (I think) gastric attacks where there's a pressure build up in my chest that last anywhere from 3-5 ...

 How can you prevent Leg Cramps?
I usually dont have this problem unless Im pregant. But I am not pregant and I woke up at 7 am with a leg cramp that made me jump out of bed screaming. What causes this and how can it be prevented?...

 Migraine Headaches?
I just found out from a cat scan that I've been having migraine headaches, did anyone know that you can tell that from a cat scan?

Well, the medicine prescribed causes drowsiness and I...

 What does it mean when ur chest hurts? Could it be stress related?
For the past five minutes, every breath I take I get this pain in my chest and a shooting pain down my left outter arm going to my thumb/palm. Then a few minutes later the pain goes into a dull pain ...

 Can smoking cause sciatica?

 Have a really bad shoulder, blade and collar bone pain on and off for bout 9months now, what can i do?

Additional Details
It is really painful Doctor and osteopath havent been able to help ,and i just feel so fed up, feels like a frozen shoulder. not sure what to do as i dont want to ...

 For some reason it hurts to breathe?
im going to the doctor early this morning, but id like to know what the possibilities of the things i have are...
Additional Details
i dont smoke, why do you assume i smoke? i tried it ...

 Why do my feet hurt all of the time???????
I am pretty much on my feet a lot at work, It doesnt matter what shoes I wear, or if I change them throughout the day.... Sometimes and it is more often than not, they acually hurt more when I get ...

 The most PAINFULL moment in ure life?
like 3 months ago

i was half asleep on my bed when i decided to strectch and suddenly i started getttin a cramp in both of my legs, 1 in each one. the pain just grew and grew ...

 OUCH!!! This hurts! Help?
I got a splinter under my nail today. The tip broke off, and I do not know how to get it out. You can see it through my nail, a dark wood sliver, about a quarter of a cm long. Is there any way to ...

 Ow, Ow, Ow!! Help me!?
My pierced ears hurt every time I turn them! I just got them pierced yesterday, and I every time I turn them it hurts! It's really sore! Please tell me if this is normal or not!

Yes, ...

 Has anyone been really cured by a chiropracter?

 I woke up on Monday morning with the bottom section of my thumb numb does any1 have any ideas y?
Over the years I have add slight numbness in the tips of my fingers and the tips r cold. This usual went after a couple of hours. On Monday morning I woke up with the bottom section of my thumb numb ...

How do I clean my system of pain killers?
I have taken some pain meds with-out a perscription and I have to take a blood test for a job on Monday
Additional Details
I took Vicoden 5mg+500mg tylenol and Percocet 5mg+500mg tylenol

Niacin. It's a dietary supplement. I used it for about a year when i was on probation. You can find it at wal-mart, gnc, most places that sell pharmacuticals. The opiates stick to your fat tissue inside your body. "Niacin" breaks down the fat tissue in your body making you piss it out. Thus, you are pissing out all the left over traces of opiates"pain killers"

Blunt Honesty
Sorry, you will fail any blood test.

Then you will fail. Rx pain meds (like codiene-based ones) will show up. You had no business "borrowing" someone else's narcotic pills.

Well try a lot of fluids so you use the toilet all the time. Exercise to sweat a lot and try a lot of vegetables and fruits. Don't use drugs that make you pee cause they are traceable too

Too bad, so sad. When you do something wrong it always jumps up and bites you in the behind.

What type did you take? they will probably will be out of your system by Monday. I was taking Valiums and went for a drug test at the hospital where I work and they didn't show. I think it all has to do with
your body fat. Let me know . Good Luck

What kind of pain meds did you take that you have to worry about? you'll probably do fine with lots of water and lots of green or black tea to flush your system.

well.. i heard something about drinking vinegar? try drinking a few glasses of vinegar and also water and try to make yourself sweat... exercising??? good luck man!

No way will you have a clear test on Monday. Sorry.

Don't listen to that wench who said you had no business taking someone else's pills, she doesn't know you. Unfortunately if you are taking a blood test for drugs, there is no way around it unless you wait around 30 days. Unless they have told you it will be a blood test for drugs, i doubt it will be, it is a very expensive test. There are ways to pass other tests though. Are you sure it is a blood test for drugs?

coo-coo for CoCo Pops
I too have heard about the vinegar drinking from a fellow client who was on probation , and the subject just came up. He said one time, on a wee-test it turned out to be supervised (ewww), because he came fully prepared w/clean urine from his best friend. He obviously couldn't use the vial of clean pee, and also got caught out on having a small medicine vial taped to the inside of his thigh (where he figured it would be safest up until he can pour it out into the cup provided for the test)-Finially, he found out from some other guy there to drink vinegar straight 24 hours min. before the tox tests, it always worked for him from that day on. I do not throw stones.

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