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 Scar on Neck painful??????? Top points for best answer!!!!!?
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How can you tell if you have swollen tonsels or if there is something stuck in your throat?
ok,so I'm about 2months pregnant and have been throwing up.And the last time I did,afterwards it felt as if there was something stuck in my throat.And no matter how much I drink,the feeling won't go away.It hurts to swallow,and I can't seem to cough it up.My friend said that I might have swollen tonsils.Can anybody help me?
Additional Details
thanks for your help everybody.I've been drinking warm tea,and it seems to help.Plus with rest,it's getting better.It doesn't hurt as much to swallow.

Get a flashlight and look at the back of your throat. You might want to gargle with some warm salty water just in case. Good luck.

Mr M
your having a baby and you cant tell if something is stuck in your throat or if your tonsils are swollen that is bad. if something is stuck in you throat you choke sore throat hurts especially when you swallow and there is a lot of it going this time of year good luck with the baby by the way when they cry they want something and as the parent you have to guess what

There is no pleasant way of putting this. It sounds like the acid from your stomach , is causing irritation in your throat as you are sick.
Gargling is a good way to sooth-It. Also gets rid of the nasty taste.

What does your obstetrician have to say about the throat? He knows more than us yo-yos on YA.

If you open your mouth real big & say AHHHHH, you can see your tonsils. (Way in the back on both sides. They are the ball looking things.) If they are red & swollen, there is your nswer. If not, something may be stuck in your throat.

Ice C
you could have tonsillitis or strep throat, go to walgreens and get some throat spray for sore throat if that doesnt work. open up ur mouth huge and see if you have things stickin out on the side, if so u have tonsils if not go to the docs you may have strep throat . go to docs soon strep throat is a serouse disease if u dont cure it, you might have some sort of fever that never goes away or heart problems. plus its a virus so u cud be infecting people now. if u have strep throat the doc will give u anti biotics take em 10 days straight no gaps, and u will be fine the 5th day

its a possibility that u have tonsilitis i would go to your primary care doctor and get it checked out....best of luck to you and the baby

Go see a doctor. Also, if it is hard for you to swallow I would imagine you have infected tonsils. Gargle with warm salt water. That will help.

emma m
i would not worry too much, sounds like you have simply irritated the lining of your throat from being sick. just sip some warm water.. maybe try some honey, if you had something stuck you'd know it.. you'd be retching and chocking ...
give it a while i am sure it will settle down


The force of the vomiting itself could have caused swelling in the throat and possible that is what you feel. Have a family member or close friend look in your throat while you stick out your tongue and say "ah". If it's a sore throat associated with an upper respiratory infection you'd be able to see the redness. If it's swollen glands, you can feel them on the sides of your neck under your jaw. If it persists, see your doctor.


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