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How bad is to take Vicodin on a daily basis?
I have pain going up and down my leg and have been taking Vicodin quite a lot lately. Is it bad for me? It seems to be the only thing that makes the pain go away. Any advice?
Additional Details
I wouldn't say I am addicted to Vicodin. I just find it a way to ease my pain in both my back and leg. I only take it when I'm in pain, which isn't every single day.

Sister Girl
You're addicted to it. Take Motrin instead.

Rather then medicating yourself go to the doctor or chiropractor and get the problem fixed.

stormy w
Vicodin is addictive, very much so. Try alternative therapy and ask your doctor. There are natural herbs to take that will help with pain that are just as effective and non addictive. Natures Rememdy makes a pain Reliever. The Internet is a information highway. Remember what you put in your body has a effect on your total well being, and you do not want to become dependent on any thing. Meditation is a very good tool also. There are more options out there!

yeah its bad, and you probly shouldnt take it much longer, maybe look for alternative therapies?

I take it one a regular basis, the only concern my doc had was addiction, I've been on it for 5 years he's no longer worried about addiction. Please consult your doc.

iT ALL depends on how bad your pain is and if u really need it. People who have really chronic severe pain and REALLY need it usually do not get addicted. People who do it for recreation DO!!!!!!! I have severe scoliosis and had to have my lumber fused..........bc of my bad back i had to have minor knee surgery so that i could do rehab when i had a total hip replacement in Jan. 11th, 07......the hip is fine but my back still hurts alot...............i take 5 or 6 Lortab 10/500 a day plus Soma, xanex and Ambeim CR 12.5 for sleep. Just recently my doctor put me on the Fentynal patch 100mcg......so yes, that is alot but i STILL hurt....i will never be painfree!!! So it all depends on what kind of pain u have and the reason u take it............................i know people who take more narcotics than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck and GOD BLESS!!!

Mr. and Mrs. B
It's bad , my father is an addict on Vicodin.....he thinks that he is in pain...the Doctors for years have been trying to get him off, but every time they come to him , he goes to another doctor that will supply it ......All of his family , including his kids have abandoned him, because he addicted to them and he will do anything to get a fix...so please use anything other than narcotics to ease your pain.

besides making you a complete dope, it can wreck you liver big time. think of your live as a huge irreplaceable water filter for your blood. too many chemicals and your filter's shot!

Let's put it this way, if it were healthy, your body would produce it daily.

its bad Vicodin is habit forming you don't want to get hooked on that

Just some guy
I use to take 6, 325mg Vicodin twice a day back when I was 17 (I'm 20 now) and before you think addiction, it wasn't because I just up and quit one day I just enjoyed em lot but I wouldn't advise doing that, its bad for you.

If it is prescribed for you, you can take it as the dr says. If you are taking another's meds, that's a no-no.

you can get addicted to it and when you stop taking it feel like you need it just to feel normal.
I would cut back and take the pain a little bit. I know someone addicted to Vicodin and even cut his leg just to go to the doctor and get vicodon for the pain. And he was depressed without taking it.
So dont get hooked on it.

It's bad to take it everyday
because it causes you to have a dependence on it
resulting in addiction
try lesser pain relievers
and go to a doctor to see what you can do about the pain

if you take it too much it will cause your heart to enlarge and could lead to some serious problems. if you doctor prescribed it to you then take it only as directed. if you abuse it, it will cause some bad side effects. if you are really worried you should talk to your doctor.

Personally I would try not to take Vicodin every day for the simple fact that you will become addicted to it...I would try a chiroprator or physical therapy....I would also talk to my doctor to try and find an alternative medicine....Good luck

Unfortunately it is very addictive. Unfortunately it does not take the pain away, rather it blocks the nerve receptors in your brain so that you don't feel it. This can also be bad in that you could hurt yourself more by doing something strenuous and hurt it more because you aren't able to feel it strain. Ask your doctor for other solutions besides constant medication, especially something like Vicodin when it is so addictive. It is so easy to become a prescription addict today, SO BE CAREFUL!!!

Sound like you might have sciatica, the nerve running through your leg. Go to a chiropractor and get it treated. All medication has a long term effect especially if abused.

candy licker
If your in pain then its fine to take. If your taking it to get high then you might have a problem. I'd be careful that stuff is addictive. If you think you might be abusing it i'd stop now before you get in to deep!

K. F
It can be addictive. However, if you take your medication as prescribed by your physician, you should be OK. You might want to discuss any concerns about the addictive qualities of Vicodin with your physician the next time you see him/her.

You need to start tapering off of it and use something else that isn't addicting.

Physical therapy.

The Avatar
I had knee surgery years ago, and ended up with the Vicodin routine. One or two a day was a bit habit-forming, though I never developed the need for it that some people do. It made it hard to go to the bathroom, kept me awake at night, and gave me freaky nightmares, but I didn't shake or panic if I ran out.

I didn't really have any trouble getting off of it when the pain lessened, but a lot of people do. I still take it occasionally (I'm a human barometer, so when the wind blows, or it gets cold, my knee goes nuts!), but again, I don't have trouble with it.

I used to be an undercover cop who enforced prescription drug laws. Vicodin was the most common drug of abuse I saw, so I know it can be addictive. I also know that the Tylenol it contains can be bad for you in big doses, or when combined on a regular basis with alcohol.

I finally got a lot of relief when I found a doctor and a chiropractor who actually took the time to figure out some useful exercises for my leg instead of handing me another prescription.

Julie Ann
Yes, it is bad for you. Try to go as long as you can with out it. If you take to much of it, one thing that will happen is that sooner or later it won't help you. Also it will take sometime, but if you take it long enough then it will eat through ur stomach lining. Try to use it as little as possible, it is very very strong.

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