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 I'm only 13 years old and I cut myself because of the pain I'm going through.I get rid of pain by hurting me.
I cut myself because I am not very happy with life right now.I don't know if I wanna believe in god right now because of what I'm going through but is there anyone who can help me ...

 Sunburn Relief... 10 points 4 best answer?
I was swimming yesterday for quite a while and applied sunblock a few times and still got a really bad sunburn. Does any1 know anything to relieve the pain of sunburn? 10 points to best answer....

 How can you get rid of a headache without taking any medicine?
I get headaches all the time but supposedly it's bad for your liver if you take too much ibuprofen....

 How to break a toe, or toes, in least painful way?
I hear breaking toes are the less painfulest things you can break

give me some ideaS?...

 What is going on with my leg?
On my left leg on the right side of my shin where my shin and calf meet i have this annoying pain that feels like my bone is going to snap or something. the pain comes whenever i start any activity ...

 What would happen if u took 5 pills of tylenol/codiene?
i think they're 300 mg of tylenol and 30 mg of codiene. is it enough to kill sum1 if they weigh like 105 lbs, or would the tylenol part just mess up their liver?
Additional Details

 Diazepam 2mg?
Going in for mole removal and got a fear of needles. Ive been prescribed 2mg of diazepam to take before i go, and when i get there.2 in total. Could i increase it to 2 before i go and 1 when i get ...

 I have this strange feeling in my chest. It feels as though someone were sqeezing my heart.?
I'm only 23 and it's not pain, just discomfort

What could it be?...

 Why do people get charliehorses?

 Does it hurt 2 get your belly button pirced??
Cause when i groww up i want my belly botton pirced does it hurt??...

 My brother has his ears stretched to a 2 gauged and he needs to have them closed by a week..?
does n e one kno of a way to make them close faster?...

 I have a headache... Should i drink?
I believe that if I got wasted in a couple of hours that tomorrow my head wont hurt anymore. I never get hangovers, so hopefully my head wont hurt still. Is this a good idea?...

 Do you swallow?
...chewable tablets or do you actually chew them?...

 Is my neck broken?
About two weeks ago I woke up with this sharp pain in my neck. It wouldn't go away. I could not turn my neck what so ever.. It has gotten better but I still can't turn my neck without ...

 Wht should i do??!!!?
ok guys i got my ears peirced mid july 2006 nd now my mom says to take dem off just 2 c in the whole like if everyhing is alrite. But when i try 2 take it off it hurts like hell!!!! i cant even take ...

 Back trouble - could it be my mattress that's making me suffer?
can a bed make a person suffer ? whats the best way to get over this problem
Additional Details
my current matress is soft but in some places lumpy. i've had it for 18 ...

 PLEASE HELP! I beg you please!?
I went to the ER yesterday I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with strep throat,a severe case anywho my doctor was snobby and didnt want to answer any of my questions,So I took the shot to the but ...

 I have clicking in my right ear when I move my jaw and it's very annoying. anyone know what it could be...
or remedies for it? It's been like this for a few days now. Thanks for your time....

 How do I get rid of a Stiff neck? If I try to move it to the left it hurts.?
I woke up witha sting in the left of my neck and all day, it hurts when I move it to the left and ive been trying to move it to the left and so forth...my head is lobsided!...

 IBS pain relief?
I'm still working out what foods to avoid, I'm off to the doctors at some point next week if i can get an appointment but is there anything i can get over the counter to stop the spasms ...

Dori W
How Do I Lose My Virginity Without Pain?
Hello I am ready to lose My virginity and my boyfriend tried it with me but it hurt so bad I had to stop I heard about lubricants do they really work and is there anything that can help the pain

You will be disobeying God if you do this. God blesses those
that obey Him and curses those that disobey Him.

play with your self.

lubricants work, but honestly, if you want no pain, become a boy. they get all the pleasure until you're loosened up enuf.

Booze. And hold onto your chastity as long as humanly possible.

shanda c
Honey pain is good. Have a great time and get some lube.

That would be impossible.. It will hurt

Hey i lost mine when i was at a young age . I'm not sure how old you are but it depends on your body if it will hurt more or less. Take it slow and if you can't handle the pain ask your boyfriend to stop until ur ready

Take it real slow and and if it hurts stop. There are other ways to get off without penetration, and if your bf loves u, he will respect that you may need to take some time.
Ask him to be really Gentle with you, and only do it if you feel safe and trust him.
hope this helps.

Well, before I lost my virginity, my ob/gyn told me to try using tampons instead of pads to sort of "prep the area!" I did it, but unfortunately, it didn't help at all. The pain was pretty bad. I'm not saying this to scare you; it really was bad. On the positive side, I had a very small cervix and I had more pain than most women. Also, some women expericne very little or no pain. As with everything else, it just depends on your body. If it's going to happen, it'll happen. So no sense worrying yourself beforehand. Deal with it when it happens b/c there's nothing you can do about it. Another good news: It lasts maybe 30 seconds or so. And most of the female population goes through it and lives to tell about it. So it's really not traumatizing. Childbirth, on the otherhand.....!!!

you will be sorry, but it will probably hurt no matter what you do

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