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Help my throat hurts so bad!?
my throat hurts really really really really really bad
to the point i cant swallow my own spit because it hurts too bad
and even just breathing makes me want to cry
it feels like i giant lump in the back of my throat and ive already eaten like half a bag of cough drops and its not helping

i cant ask my parents for help because they are out of town
and i can not do anything involving water because our well was contaminated and we cant use the water until they fix it



i'm preatty sure it is infection go to the doctor they r going to give u anit-biotic. and y did ur parent left u home without running water and water wont help either i had it once.

bom diggity
omg how old are you? get bottled water and put a lot of salt in it and gargle A LOT. if you dont got that then gargle with listerine.

call your parents and tell them what happened, you gotta go to the doctor ASAP because its gunna keep getting worse

dont drink anything really hot

got listerine? sounds like an awful infection....tonsilitis? strep throat? still got your tonsils? oi...i know there's no water, but i would say warm salt water acts as a numbing agent and helps cut back some of the infection...or peroxide mixed with an equal amount of water could do the same thing as listerine....wow if it gets too much worse, how are you going to sleep without choking on your owh throat? might wanna call somebody. a friend of the family? ask-a-nurse? can't you call your folks? i wouldn't imagine you've got much of a voice, though...text message someone?

gargle with white vinegar or cider vinegar if possible. take pain Reliever like Aspirin. look down your throat in the mirror. is there white or red pockets of pus on your tonsils? possibly you have strep throat or tonsillitis. this requires a doctor's visit. if necessary, call your parents. if this gets worse it could require hospitalization.

Gargle with anything else. Take Tylenol. You NEED to go to the dr. as it sounds like Strep throat which can be serious if left longer than 7 days.

j t
Go to your nearest neighbour or someone that can give you water. I think you need water.

Once you have water, drink loads and if possible, lemon drops on the water. If no lemon, how about stir the water with a little salt and risk your mouth.

Go and get help, don't stay home. " Seek and you will find, ask and you shall be given".

Call your local emergency room, tell them your symptoms, and follow their advice.

Your parents left you at home without running water? Yikes. Sounds like you should have gone with them.

Do you have access to any bottled water? If not, get some. Then warm the water up just a little bit and put some salt in it.

Gargle with the warm water and salt until you can't just stand it anymore. It will make you feel much better and it will help to clean and disinfect your throat.

Also, try to gargle with peroxide...don't swallow it but gargle with it as much as you can...it will clean the infection in your throat and though it will taste bad it will make you fell much better.

You may have strep. You may need penicillin. GO to the ER
You'll get fever and pain, and Tylenol, etc., will not alleviate the symptoms

It will only get worse tonight, and the fever will get through. PLEASE call someone and go to the ER. You do not need proof of insurance for emergency treatment tonight

The suggestion below is good. It will give you a couple minutes relief, but will not make it better enough to let you go to sleep. Put a lot of salt in very, very warm water (don't scald yourself) and do some gargles. But again, if you have a bacterial infection, the relief won't last long and it will not help with the fever

If you have any $$ to go to the drug store, or grocery store, they make a sore throat spray that will numb it, but first take a pain Reliever, my doctor also suggested gargling with Mylanta or any kind of stomach sooother (I'm not sure why) but cough drops will not help, they have to be sore throat drops which will numb it. Salt water is healing. Go to the drug store and tell the pharmacist exactly what you told us and they usually can recommend something. It's part of their job.

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