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Had a cortisone shot today, How long does this pain last?
Received a cortisone shot today on my right knee for a torn ligament 3 months ago. Knee was alot better with physical therapy last appt with dr today. Stated a cortisone shot will releive the rest of the swelling in my knee and gave me the shot. Knee feels like when I first hurt it, but worse. Can't stand, walk, straighten or bend right leg. I am icing it. Is this pain normal? How long does this last?

Cortisone will only work if injected within the first week of being injured, Shots never helped me ,, just created scar tissue causing more pain!

Yes this is normal. It will vary as to how long it will last.

It will last about 24 hours, my shoulder hurt for a couple of days after the shot.

I had a Cortisone shot on my right hand last night on the joint on my middle finger. I was in so much pain all night and feels like I had surgery on it. I iced it all night and I took Motrin 800 mg. Seems like it's only making a dent on the pain. Didn't have much pain before I went to the doctor, but after the shot it's worse than ever. I'm also wondering how long this pain is gonna last. I can't even get dressed this morning and typing this is very difficult.

i have received 2 of those horrible shots and each time the pain lasted 2 days for me..and each time i swore and wondered why i got the shot in the first place..but when that horrible pain went away i remembered why

I had a Cortisone shot for a torn rotor cuff. The pain was intense for about one day.
I was told by my family doc not to have too many Cortisone shots because it wears the cartilage down and eventually you'd be in deep ****.

I had a Cortisone shot for a shoulder tear. The pain from the shot only lasted about a day. The doctor advised me that it would be very painful for a day or two. He said the pain should subside after no more than 2 days.

My shot lasted several months. That was with a lot of use that I probably shouldn't have been doing (we moved, helped friends move, holiday time, etc.)

Since the move, I went to a different therapy clinic. When rehabilitation methods did not help the shoulder area, I was left with the option of Cortisone again.

This time they used a new method. A patch soaked with Cortisone was placed on the injured shoulder area, and a plain patch was placed further down on my arm. A wire connected the 2 patches and hooked to a battery pack. An electrical current pulled the Cortisone through the treatment area. No shot required. It took 5 visits to complete.

Just letting you know in case you need to turn to Cortisone again in the future. Hope not, though.

If your pain is still bad after 2 days, be sure to contact your physician. Good luck.

Ridin the storm out
Hi- I have these type of injections for old injuries...If this pain continues into tomorrow, PLEASE call this Clinic....

In the meantime, take up to 800 mg of Ibuprophen every 6 hours- Icing this is GREAT- Elevate the site. REST as much as you can on this knee.

Again, please call the Clinic tomorrow, to see what they say. I've never had the injections hurt too much over 24 hours post injection. I am sorry the pain is as bad as when you had the injury initially.

PS- Have they suggested a knee brace? I'm sure they have. Just a thought!

Good luck and take care!

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