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 A little help with my headache?
Okay, well I always have an headache. I don't know if I can actually call it a headache though. I get sharp quick pains in my forehead once in a while and I always feel tired no matter how much ...

 What can I do about a severe headache?
My head has been hurting for hours, right behind my eyes. No meds i've taken have relieved any pain. Any other suggestions? Thanks
Additional Details
Thanks Fonz :)...

 I woe up with this weird mark on y leg...?
It's about half an inch, it looks like a cut? It hurts when I touch it. Do you think its just a bug bite?
I didin't have it before, I woke up with it this morning.

 I am getting a terrible pain in my right hand side of my hip and the pain is shooting down my leg any cures?

 I went to my doctor about feeling pressure in my chest & tingling in my fingers. she tells me it's heartburn.?
i know what heartburn feels like,it's not the same. this only happens when i am under a lot of stress. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. has anyone else been ...

 I look worse than the elephant man why wont a plastic surgeon operate on me?
i am housbound due to my deformity and the so called authorityies dont ...

 Head and Eye Pain?
Hi, ive been suffering from bad headaches for the past week, since yesterday ive suddenly got constant pains in my eyes...

Anyone know what this could be?...

 What to do about a chipped front tooth?? please help....?
i chipped my front tooth aobut 4 years ago and i havent gone to the dentist because it wasnt that bad..... but now its starting to get worse and its like chipping away and it hurts more often now... ...

 Am I being 'wound up'?
Talking to someone re; arthritis and muscular ailments etc; he said try WD 40 and he was quite serious ---------
Now come on !!!! This has to be a wind up ???????...

 Burn relief?
I just burned my finger on the fireplace door.. small minor burn but hurts a lot.. I was wondering what would make it feel better?..its resting on ice ...

 Head-aches and soda... read below?
Ok about a month ago i stopped drinking soda for about 2 weeks, got really BAD migraines. had diet coke today... Made migraine worse INSTANTLY


Note: made a dr ...

 Did you woke up well?
I didn't wake up well. Here in Greece it rains and I cannot play football with my friends!...

 Bad pain in my neck.. I think I slept wrong!?
This is the 4th day and my neck is killing me. I had a masage this morning and it still hurts. Any suggestions? I dont know what else i can do. I tried icy hot but that burned my neck where my hair ...

 Im really SCARED, I might DIE.?
For like the last 4 Days ive been sick with Flu/Cold Like symtoms, But my body Aches are still there SPECIALLY in my Knees an Legs, and i get alot of chills. Oh and back of my Eyes Hurt. Im scared ...

 Is there any way to get rid of a headache? (without aspirin)?
It's quite important that I do so very shortly. Immediate relief, is possible, because my final exams have just started and I need to study! >.<...

 Whats the best way to get a bone that is stuck in my throat out?

Additional Details
i dont have insurance and its been in my throat since ...

 I have a pain in my left nut , any guy ever get this? hurts like hell not sure what to do, sharp pain?

 Wrist "injury" question?
I'm a volleyball player so I am constantly using my wrist, well a few weeks ago I noticed a bump on my wrist; a few inches below my thumb. I figured that I just needed a break from training. And ...

 What are your best remedies to relieve or get rid of a stress induced ulcer?
I would love to know any home remedies, concoctions, exercises, meditations...anything creative you may have to ease the pain of a stress induced ulcer and ultimately eliminate it. Like everyone I ...

 I have a stomach ache on the left hand side, which increases just prior to breaking wind then relieves.?
Any ideas?
Had for 2 days so far....

Growing Pains and how to get rid of the pain?!?!?
Well I am 12 and have mild scollyosis and my doctor says that i have about 6 months to a year to grow and I got angry and sad and I said I wanted to grow taller but i have been having pains in my knees and elbows and my back I feel like i am straching and if these are growing pains then how to get rid of the pain. Please?

you have to outgrow em. get it?


Well i get growning pains alot. i am 13. I just take some Advil and take a hot bath or put a heating pad on the area that hurts.


put pressure on them, take a hot bath, take a walk or run

i have scoliosis too and i'm 34. i found out when i was 12 and the dr. said it shouldn't bother me any till i got old. it started hurting my back like hell when i turned 32. i use IcyHot cream and take hot baths and use a heating pad sometimes, but now i think i'm going to the dr. for treatment because it has gotten really bad. i thought they meant "old, like 60" so i'm feeling kind of weird like handicapped cause i can't do the things i used too. ask a dr. what to do while you're still young so it doesn't get bad like mine. i wish i could have stopped it earlier. good luck

Tenn Gal
Take some Tylenol for the pain. All of the pain may not be growing pains but could be from the scoliosis.
It was discovered that I had it when I was about 35 and I have terrible back and shoulder pains.

dont lift to many weights take calicium and bone supplements and eat healthy that all you can do

klint mane
Go to the pharmacy or as you say drug store and buy something that cures pain.

Buy alot of BenGay and rub it all over your body and a slip n' slide and just roll around in it XD ; P.

hot baths before bed. don't over do the Tylenol. try some good quality (at least as good as gnc) vitamins. if you eat the typical american diet you probably aren't getting enough Potassium and fiber and lots of other things. sometimes people at health food stores can be helpful in guiding you to what you need. alot of the fruit and vegetables that are sold in the stores have been picked too early and were frozen (even though considered fresh) and made to ripen with sun lamps. this depletes a lot of their vitamins so maybe try and buy some produce from a farmers market.

relax, and what my mother did for me when i was young was put blankets around my knees and confort me then give me some ache medicine.

hope i helped

When my husband and I adopted our children, they came to us having "growing pains" and what worked for them (apparently something their birth mother would do for them) was to apply rubbing alcohol to the area in pain, and it would subside.

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