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Every bone in my body aches, every day. whats wrong?
Everything aches when i get up, I've always been in good health, just turned fifty.Started 4 months ago

Neo A
you might not have drank enough milk.

it could possibly be Fibro Mayalga(i think thats how u spell it)

Go to a doctor dude.

Because you are now over the hill

You are getting older start going to physical therapy and exercising more.

Mrs. T
getting old. my knees are killin me and i havent done anything unusual to them but i guess its just the wrath of time on our bodies. take some vitamins and start walking get a message

Lynn (AzCrazyGirl)
it could be several things from arthritis to fibromyalgia....you should see a doctor about this, as they can give you medicine to help control this

Give us every bit of your health info you can think of and then we'll start feeding you stuff.

Morgan B
u r dumb not to go to the doctor already something is obviously wrong

Maybe it is fibromyalgia.

for me, the answer would be withdrawl.

martina c
you need to go to the doctor.. i hope you feel better...

I felt like I had the flu for two months with body aches. No fever tho. Turned out to be infected sinuses. Prescribed anti-biotics and it did the trick.

First and foremost I would highly recommend seeing a physician.

your getting to that age grams go to the doctor your not going to get a real answer in ther.

You're an MSU football fan. Wait until the year 2041, or when donkeys fly.

stress? tension? need Glucosamine?

It's the incurable disease called...........Justurnedfifty. I'm going through something similar called.....Gettingclosetoforty.

Get checked for Lyme Disease.

use 2 b lost
nothing. your body is just working with Mother Nature to introduce you to Father Time. lol. just enjoy as much fun as you can and forget the pains.

I would see a rheumatologist. I would GUESS it is chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. It may be neither. It does sound like you are in major pain and that is exhausting in and of itself.

Good Luck


bone disease

sounds like a flu bug

kinda sounds like arthritis

Go to the doctor and ask for an ESR blood test. This will check for inflamation in your body.

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