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Does hydrocodone and oxycodone show up as the same thing on a urine test?

Yes, they show up the same. If you do not have the drug prescribed to you then stay away from them.

They are considered illegal, if it is not your prescription. It is an addictive pain medication. Yes, you will get canned from your job if you are doing drugs. Get clean!

Don't know, but as long as you have a valid R/X don't worry about it.

mom of twins
One word for you-Rehab.

yes, opiates!

Yes these show up as the same thing as they are both in the narcotic catergory. Urine drug screens do not label individual drugs but group them into 5-6 main catergorys. Hope this helps

It will show up as an opiate, but once positive, then they will confirm the exact drug.

So... dont go abuse both and not think you will get caught...

You addict you... lol

Likely, they'll both show up as opiates.
It depends on how "sophisticated" the test is.

Yes it do because it still a drug know better if the doctor gave it to you.
Good luck?

Hogle29 is correct. Initial screening will be positive for opiates as a general category. Confirmation by GCMS, if it is done, will distinguish hydrocodone as Hydromorphone and oxycodone as Oxymorphone.
If this is a five drug panel as for a DOT or other exam the test will be negative for both because the five panel does NOT include tests for semisynthetic opiates and the confirmation test will be negative. The five panel which is the most commonly done test ONLY tests for Codeine and Morphine in the narcotic class.

I am absolutely amazed at how clueless people are when it comes to opioid and opiate medications.

While it is true that Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are both Opioids, it is not true that they will show the same result from a urine test.

UA (Urinalysis) test for the drug itself and for the metabolite, which is an enzyme that the body uses to break down the drug.

The metabolite for Oxycodone is Oxymorphone
and the Metabolite for Hydrocodone is Hydromorphone. Of course there are others but these are the main ones.

What most Basic UA do test for is Morphine which is what Morphine, Heroin, Codeine, Etc. are broken down into. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are not converted into Morphine in the body.

Most basic UA do not test for these substances as they require more sophisticated testing such as a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry ) However, if you are on probation, parole or receiving a test from your medical practitioners office or a Government entity then it is highly probable that they will test for Hydrocodone and Oxycodone and most other substances of abuse.

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