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Daughter has stinging pain in her right wrist? Can any on e tell me what this is.?
There is a suspicion of arthritis. Could this be causing the pain? We have no definite diagnosis yet. Would be most grateful for any help on this.

Sounds like Corgolious to me. Knowing her age, weight, what kind of work she does,i'm pretty sure i'm right here.

This is a very very serious problem and i would take her to the ER Asap!

Angela W
get a xray of her wrist and go from there, and try heat packs and anti flame see how that gos good luck

not sure myself but we use the website http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/ good site

need answers
Maybe she has tendinitis. If she does she may need surgery.

Omg my daughter has a right wrist too^^ what are the odds?
(nah i don't have kids)

- - - go see a wrist doctor - - - :P

jason c
Depending if there is arthritis in the family, it is a possibility that there may be some arthritis there. However it is un-usual for it to be first seen in the wrist, typically you would expect to see it in the fingers as they are smaller joints.
It is more likely that she may have nerve issues in the wrist. Typically they display there symptoms as burning or stinging in the wrist, sometimes the pain will shoot down to the end of the fingers.
Best thing to do is have it checked out by a doctor.

Arthritis can cause pain , but 'stinging' isnt generally how people describe arthritic pain , your daughter is a bit young ( what age is she?) for oesteo arthritis which is caused by wear and tear , rheumatoid arthritis , however causes pain in more than one joint . If your daughter uses a pc or play a lot of sports such as tennis have you thought of repetitive strain injury ? Does she have a wrist support for her pc ? Meantime , hot and cold packs , physio ,anti infalmatory gels or a support bandage may be all that she need

I have arthritis in my left wrist due to it being broken 8 years ago and that's what it feels like. Wrap a heat pad or warm washcloth around it for about 15 minutes and have her work her wrist. If this makes it feel better keep the heat on it.Also give her some Advil for pain and inflammation.Hope this helps.I just read another answer suggesting carpel tunnel and I don't think so my husband had surgery for that last year.He says it goes numb.

rsi repetitive stain injury does she us her hands alot ie typing writing etc

Black Rainbow
Has she had any falls and landed on her wrist lately???
If so, she may have pinched a nerve which may have caused the stinging sensation...it's just a theory though.

k d
carpal tunnel syndrome

i had a bad wrist for nearly 3 years and had every test imaginable and was never diagnosed could be a lot of things

Arthritis is just one... best tip though dont stop using it even though it hurts because it will seize up and hurt even more when you do have to use it, trust me i know from experience

I have arthritis , but it does not sting just hurts.

How the heck would we know,if even the doctors aren't sure of the diagnosis. And they're doctors! And they've examined her! Seen her at least, or heard more symptoms than just stinging. Pretty unreasonable question.

Does she she text/type allot? Could be repetitive strain.

how old is she?
Growing pains are not a myth, it could be nerve pain - arthritis is quite a specific diagnosis and unlikely in a youngster/teenager, unless she has other symptoms too....it could be repetative strain, it could be carpel tunnel, it could be a minor hairline fracture, it could be so many things.
I would suggest it is NOT a reason to panic and dash off to ER - as it not an accident or emergency, and where we can only offer an Xray (which you surely should have had by now) and support bandage that you can but in any chemist anyway. But I do think you should seek a second GP opinion and ask for a specialist referral.

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