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Can your back cause your foot to hurt?

sarah o
no don't be silly unless you break every bone in your body

michael c
completely agree with Shirley E pain radiates down your leg and into your ankle extremely painful

Shirley is correct

and also there is the possibility that you are walking in a different way to 'protect' your back or minimize the pain. This could put undue pressure/awkwardness on your foot movement causing it to hurt.

Pilates is really great to help strengthen your core muscles which will help to protect your back...have a go!

Alison of the Shire
I'm not a doctor but have suffered with sciatica in the past.

It's the longest nerve in the body running from the top of you leg and into your foot. When I had it I had pain running right down into my toes and walking was difficult.

As all nerves are connected via the central nervous system I would say that an existing back problem may lead to sciatica. I had a sporting injury in my lower back a couple of years before I develped sciatica and believe they may have been connected.

See you doctor!

I can tell you from personal experience that I have a numbness in different areas of my foot and calf due to a compressed S1 nerve from a bulging disk. I know someone else who had pain in their ankle from a herniated L5 disk. Both of these are called Sciatica (also referred to as Radiculopathy)

herbal ashtray
Yes, all nerves are connected and can sometimes cause pain in other areas of the body.

Yes - the sciatic nerve goes all the way down into the foot.

Yes. Everything in your body is connected. If something is out of alignment in your back, it can follow a path to your foot, or up to your head. Sciatica...or piriformis syndrome...would feel like a shooting pain from the area of your tailbone all the way down to your heel. Is that what you're experiencing?

diana - b
Yes it can due to the sciatic nerve running down your body. I find that my ankle aches and thats because of the nerve prssing on a disc in my lower back. Try a heat pad (electric), it does help.

Yes. Back strain can make your foot/feet hurt. The normal center of gravity has been shifted. So the change is going to reflect on what you stand on..hence your feet ultimately. It can also reflect on other parts of your body; hips, thighs, calfs...

yes it certainly can if there is strain on it. back is very important part of walking properly.

shirley e
Yes it can if a disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve. It is very painful.

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