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I had an infection in my tooth, the dentist couldn't do a root canal cuz it was so bad. so he cleaned the tooth out and injected an anti biotic into it ( that hurt sooooo bad ) then later that ...

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i have a headache that comes &&. goes &&. now..my throat is closing up &&. i feel like i'm going to vomit.

i ate left over veggie soup from lastnite.


 HEADACHE!! need cures?
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 I have 2 ulcers in my mouth. they hurt so bad, please help if you know a quick way to fix this problem.?
one is on my bottom lip and the other is near the bottom part of my mouth near my teeth so it hurts when i try and get someting out of my teeth. :/ please please please help.
Additional Details<...

Can you go to the ER if you have sever toothpain?

Additional Details
oh thank you so much this is makin me nuts! I never knew tooth pain could be so horribol! it's my back tooth of all placed...and clove oil!! is nasty!

Jesse M
Yes and the dentist to

yeah but count on being there 6 to 8 hours, They take emergencies first, then bleeders, that falls in somewhere with ingrown toe nail.

Cowgirl seahorse rider
Yes they will give you an antibiotic if needed and that will help with the pain by tonight it will not hurt they probably will give yiou some kind of pain med, But you need to see your dentist soon Hope this helps. Go ahead and go no since in suffering.

Heck yeah buddy!!

You can go to the ER for anything that you feel is an emergency, i've been to the ER for several tooth pains... Make sure you have some sort of insurance, or you have to pay $$ up front, if they have to do any sort of extraction.

Ya you can...they see pretty much everything...I've even seen a case of hiccups before in the ER. You dentist would probably be the first place to go though!

I actually had the same kind of deal once. My back tooth broke and I was in extreme pain. It was on a Saturday and no dentists were open so I went to the ER. I waited about 2 hours to see someone, and they just told me to make an appointment to see a dentist. They didn't give me any pain meds or antibiotics because they said alot of people fake tooth pain, even though my tooth was broke and I brought the broken piece with. So in conclusion to this long, boring story, I would not go to the ER for a toothache, as it is hard to prove and I doubt you'll get much sympathy from them. Good luck, a throbbing tooth can really make a person miserable.

Yes, I would recommend going if you aren't able to get in touch with your dentist to let them know what's going on.

yes you can go to the ER but it will be costly. Ibuprofen will help you get through the night and a ice pack if there is swelling. You probably have an abscess and will need antibiotics and that is the one thing you can get at the ER

Yes. They may or may not have a dentist on staff or on call. so if u can i would go ot a dentist unless they are closed then go to a hospital! And your cute!

Sure if you dont have insurance the ER is the best choice. But if you have insurance call your dentist and tell him how much pain you are in, he will have to fit you in an emergency slot on his schedule for that.

sure the ER can inject you with a long acting pain killer, prescibe strong pain medicine and also antibiotics which you probably need.

yes you can, but it would be more logical to go to a dentist. The Dr in the ER is just going to send you to a dentist anyway. Unless he feels sorry for you and gives you a honkin big dose of Demerol. But they will likely send you to a dentist. Don't waste your time waiting in the ER. Go somewhere where you will get immediate service.

You can but the most they would probably do is xray it to see if it's abcessed and give you some medication for pain. For something like that, marcaine or novocaine would be used as it would numb the area for hours, until you can get to a dentist.

yes many people do. our hospital will not fix the tooth but give you a prescription for pain meds to hold you over until you can get to a dentist.

You can go to the ER for any reason.

Well, you can go to the ER for anything- you might end
up sitting there for 6 hours (or even more); and then end up
being told to go to your dentist- and by the way, here are
some extra strength Tylenol for your pain....
Just call your dentist and tell him it's an emergency, you'll
end up saving time in the long run.

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