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Can long hair be the cause of frequent headaches/migraines?

max t
ya know maybe if you have it pulled up real tight but i dont see how just having long hair can lead to frequent headaches & migranes

Jenny M
Yes it could be. If you have long hair it tends to be heavy and putting all that weight on your head can cause headaches.

Yes, Long hair can be the cause of frequent migraines/headaches. About every 5-6 month's I need to get my hair cut because my migraines will not go away. After I got my hair cut off a few inches (some people feet depending on how long the hair is) it will help you to not have that many migraines/headaches anymore.

If you continue to do so after having a haircut. See your Dr. about a migraine prevention medication.

Jeremy R
I've herd it was possible , but I think it would have to be very long and heavy.

Only if you tie it up tightly. (braids, ponytails)

i myself suffer from migraines very frequently and do believe that long hair can make a migraine come on but also if you have your hair in a pony tail for too long this can also cause a migraine to start maybe the only solution is to shave your hair off and see if that works but i am not willing to go that far...

In more than twenty years working with all kinds of people, I have only seen that once. A young lady who had very long, thick hair said that her headaches stopped after cutting her hair and she stopped coming to me for treayments. But, that doesn't mean it would work for you. There are many other ways to deal with migraine. Check out 'migraine treatments' on Google.

With some people, yes, I used to get headaches from having long hair, more so when I tied it up at all. With swimming too cause it just makes it all weigh more. Depends on how thick your hair is too.

for me,....it was the cause ! i had long hair....up to my butt and i noticed that i had very frequent headaches yet i didnt know the cause. So i decided to cut it up to my shoulders and after that,.....no more headaches ! ! =)

Yes it can cause headaches i use to have very long hair until it started to give me headaches so i cut it and now i don't get them anymore but long hair doesn't give every one head aches just some people suffer from this.

Fighter Pilot
Only if you are wearing it up in a ponytail or bun that is really tight. or, if you use headbands. I find that these things often give me headaches. But migraines...no.

Suzan K
Could be, but see if there are other causes too, as some diseases or symptoms take place when many causes add up together.

Yes, that's why my Mom cut hers off.

I've had waist length hair for more than 10 years now and it hasn't caused me any extra headaches, let alone migraines.

More likely it's in your heart:

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