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 Throat pain while drinking soda?
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allan j
Can a major headache cause speech problems?
i recently suffered a terrible headache while i was nattering to a neighbor, the weather was extremly hot and sunny at the time, then all of a sudden i could'nt get my words out, and when i did they did'nt make much sense!, it was like being drunk.. things came back to normal the following day..any idea's? i would go to the doc's but i feel as though i'm wasting there time when i feel fine now..

Sun stroke by the sounds of it!

morning star
sounds like a migraine attack.

a serious migrane can ,ive had bad one usualy once a year,it make's side of my mouth go numb,it's like a mini stroke,so yes!

A severe headache can make it hard to concentrate on anything, even what you're saying. However, I'm temporal lobe epileptic and the 'speaking nonsense' sounds like a mild seizure I had the other day. Judging by the way you've worded your question, it sounds as if the headache came on quite suddenly. If that happens again, I'd see your doctor. (It may be an idea to see him/her anyway if the headache persists.)

yeah it happens to me sometimes with migranes

Ann D
Dehydration can give you those symptoms, but I would go and have a chat with your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Go to your Dr, and get checked out. We pay them to do their jobs, and they have a duty of care for their patients, so you won't be wasting their time.

You'll be doing your family an injustice by not ensuring you are OK, if you don't get checked out.

racer 51
i don't want to scare you but ,you really should see a doc asap. this happened to my mom. she had a mini stroke. the words were okay in her head but she couldn't get them out right. please, see the doc.

i dont like to worry you but that sounds to me like a T.I.A. -mini stroke.
Go to your doctor who will probably send you for a head scan but dont worry, it doesnt hurt.
Its a warning so for goodness sake take heed.
I didnt and ended up being disabled from a major stroke.
get blood pressure checked and dont be scared chick

Sounds like a possible heat stroke, mild stroke, or even an anureism. You really should go to the doctor. Anytime you have something that neurological happen you should have your head examined.lol Probably doctor will order a cat scan.

Faerie Girl
when i get mirgranes i find it hard to talk. sentences get muddled up or i may say one wrong word and go to correct it but still say a wrong word. I think as long as your problem is linked to your headache dont worry. If it comes back again but you feel fine nip to your GP

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