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 Common cold.... The cough,sneeze,stuffy nose,scratchy throat, SORE CHEST???!?
Okay I am not feeling well and my chest or one of my sides chest to ribs is aching! I think from coughing hard and straining from vomiting.... its sore and aches when I bend a certain way! How can I ...

 Pain in BOTH of my wrists?
I have pain in both of my wrists, Its mainly in my left wrist which I really dont get because I am a righty. I really have no idea why my wrists hurt, so if anybody has any idea, I would appreciate ...

 Can ibuprofen and acetametaphin be used together?

 I get this strange sensation when i am lying in bed sometimes, it feels as if the bed is tilting.?
it tends to go away if i turn on my side. there have been times when i can stand up and the feeling is still there. has anyone else had this?...

 My kidneys hurt?
Is it because i didn't drink water since yesterday morning??...

 I have had this headache that feels like theres pressure in my head! has anyone experienced this?
I spent a weekend at a marae studying te reo maori, Ive been having these headaches since the last night at the marae. It started like pressure in the very back of my head but now its on the top of ...

 Is it true that if you were stabbed in the brain you would not feel it?
I heard that you could stab someone in the brain and they would not feel it. Is that true? Does the brain not have nerves? From what I understand, you basically feel pain because of nerves....

 What pain relief can my mum take for osteo arthritis?
My mum who is 70 has been suffering with acute pain now for the last 7 weeks. One G.P. told her she had a trapped nerve in the neck but now another one has said she is suffering with osteo arthritis ...

 Strange sharp pain in chest???
For years now I have been getting a strange pain which my friend has recently told me he gets too. Its less common now but comes and goes between various time periods. Basically its a very sharp pain ...

 What does exactly CHIROPRACTOR do?

 Shoulder pops during exercise?
I'm a 15 year old male. My shoulder keeps clicking and popping during exercise(Military Press, Bench Press,ect). My doctor assigned me some rotator cuff exercises to do at home because I have ...

 What if i can't breath and my back hurts and i can't talk well?
My throat feels closing up.and my lungs.Please tell me what is wrong with me....

 When I stand up at a meeting to read or say something or give an opinion my mouth goes very dry. Why?
Also my hands shake and my memory doesnt function as well as it should. Any tips please?...

 What is ultram?
it is a ...

 Pain on left side of chest.?
Hello. Today while I was out at Kohl's (around 7pm) with my 3 year old daughter, I instantly had this very sharp, piercing pain in my chest. It was in the center of my chest (off to the left a ...

 Treatment for Headache?
I have a headache radiating from the left side of my head to my left eye. I don't really want to take any advil, what would help relieve the pain?...

 Why does my throat hurt ONLY when I wake up??
For some reason only when I wake up in the morning my throat hurts but it goes away like a hour after I wake up What could this be ? Do you think its cause of wear im ...

 Last night i had realllly sharp pains(felt a little stronger then heart burn)?
it also really hurts to cough, if i drink water its fine for 1 min then it goes back. i drink about 7 glasses of water a dat bt the way.
whats wrong with me?
Additional Details
7 ...

 What are some reasons i may have lower abdominal pain such as cramping?
i have been having alot of lower abdominal pain , it feels like cramps, i also have alot of back pains, (im a women i hope that helps)
Additional Details
no its not my ...

 Y cant sum ppl swollow tablets?

Mad Season
Best shoe for a standing cashier? input appreciated!?
I'll be starting a job in a few days where my duties are primarily cashier and stocking shelves. What is the best type of shoe for this? I'm assuming a walking shoe, or simply a casual sneaker? It's required they be leather or "leather-like" material, not canvas.

I don't have much of an arch in my foot, I do occasionally have problems with bursitis in my hip after hours of standing, and lower back pain (if any of those things influence your opinion!).

Do you have a specific brand you prefer? Why?

I will be so grateful for some HELPFUL, descriptive input!!!

usher ho
their caled sas in most stores check on a link they are pricey but worth it .

You really get what you pay for. Do you have a store called "Big 5?" Any large store with Air Jordans also sell what you're looking for.
Good luck with the shoes and the new job!! :)

melissa j
CROCS....the absolut best shoes for being on your feet all day they run anywhere fron 20- 30$ and worth every penny

Rachel T
Get yourself some Dr. Shoals.

I prefer "Red Wing" shoes, in the walking shoe type. They are the preferred type of shoe for postal mail carriers so that should say something for thier comfort.

find yourself a pair of sport shoes which fits your feets well with arch support then there should not be any problem

I swear by a brand called Born (the "o" is one of those that has a line through it). They can be a little expensive, but I've always been able to get them for decent prices at places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. The instant you put them on, they feel like heaven. They're also really durable, and most of their shoes are leather. I wear mine all day, all of the time and my feet never hurt.

if you can wear athletic-type shoes....try on some
New Balance shoes....I've had nothing but great
feel in them, and I am on my feet 10 hrs. a day...at work.

Anything with a really spongy sole and an arch support will help, but you should see if the store provides cushioned mats for the cashiers to stand on - they really reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Another thing to consider is getting a small sturdy box to keep at your register so you can put one foot up on it and switch off periodically. That also helps prevent fatigue.

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