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Will marijuana show up on my hair drug test?
Its been 60 day since I smoked, does that matter?

yes, I'm afraid so. Unfortunately, a hair sample will bring up every drug you have done within the past 10yrs or more.
thank god I don't have to take one of those of I would be
screwed lol. And to the stupid *** that said shave your head
hahahahahahahaha .....sorry, but it will not work.

Queen of the Highway
yeah but drink alot of Cranberry juice trust me it works

yes i think it does i recently had a random drug test through my job and was talking to a guy who was scared it may show up even though its been 40 days and he said he used some product to flush out his system maybe you should look into that.

It depends on how much you smoked and if it was regular use (like daily) you can fool a urine test the instants and even the lab, but the blood test and hair sample will show up for a very long time. That is why probationers are told they may have to submit to hair and bodily fluids tests. Because it is harder to cleans the blood, and hair folicles of traces of drug use or abuse. Good luck!

The question is "How many times have you washed you hair in the 60 day span?''.

Yes, Ms. Spears.

yes why would you smoke or do that any way?

Listen you better stop smoking that stuff, or your life will end before you know it.
and Yes it does show up on your hair.

u good dawg trust me mj leaves the system in 30 days. but just to be on the safe side run alot and drink Cranberry juice it will clean out ur system

the Boss
I'd start shaving my head

Rockin' G Roofing
yes it will. easy fix don't smoke it!!!!!

From what I've learned it will show up for at least 7 years even after you shave you head. The THC is in the folical.

xzone fan..
i hered it stay in you for a long time so more then likely but at less i thing the odds are in your favor.

cat lover
Yes it will show up, but they can tell when you last smoked it. Your hair is like a tree trunk it tells a story about its life. Hope this helps and good luck getting that job.

Mo L
Yeah, drink water.

"...for people that smoke a lot, traces of THC can be detected for weeks and even up to a month after they have stopped using. A hair sample test may detect traces of marijuana up to one month, some sources say even 6 weeks."

when you die they can do a drug test from your hair and tell what drug you have ever done .

go to the nearest head-shop and buy the special shampoo. IT DOES MATTER!!!

la buena bruja
Even after 60 days, marijuana will probably show up on a hair drug test.

yes, it does

Yes, drugs are stored in the hair and fat cells, that is why brittney spears is bald.

little old me
Yup its still in your system. My advise, pull a britney spears moment and shave it all off! ha!...you should also maybe quit smoking. But i see you havent in 60 days and thats very good. Good Job. Keep up the good work! Be safe. Good luck!

yeah it does and hey 2 months yeah suure...... okay but what you do if you happened to accidently smoke it ...less then 2 months or recently.... you drink Cranberry JUICE...that helps alot repeat Cranberry JUICE....C to the R to da A to da N BERRY JOOOOSE.

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