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Will I pass my drug test, if i did cocaine 6 days ago?

Brad G.
probably not

yes, drink a buncha water


Should be okay but it stays in your system for up to seven days depends how much you hydrated in the last week.

It only take 3 days.

Drink some Cranberry juice and try to run or sweat for 30 minutes "" just in case""


yea... Probably u pass.

Yes I'm pretty sure you should, but start drinking water about 4 hours before you go.
Sometimes, (depending on whom is testing you) drinking a lot of water will cause your urine to be clear and not acceptable, or even a violation if you are on probation. To avoid this you can get a pill called Azo from any drugstore, it's for bladder infection relief and is on the shelf. I believe it's basically concentrated Cranberry juice. Anyway taking one of those the morning of the day your going to test and drink as much water as you can. The pill will make your pee the perfect color no matter how much water you drink.
Good luck, I'm glad I quit all that stuff and don't have to worry anymore.

"Cocaine metabolites are detectable in urine for up to four days after Cocaine is used. Benzoylecgonine can be detected in urine within four hours after Cocaine inhalation and remains detectable in concentrations greater than 1000 ng/ml for as long as 48 hours. Detection in hair is possible in regular users until the sections of hair grown during use are cut or fall out."

most likely. but if you have to take them often i recommend no more Cocaine :P

caryne g
Actually they could miss it by now, but that does not mean that they can't take a blood test, besides........if you are doing drugs and openly admit it is really stupid to even work or be involved in something that you know would be taking random drug. Further more, you must have a great life(YOU THINK YOU HAVE) if you think drugs are the ONLY WAY to enjoy your life.

My suggestion to you is GET OF THE DRUGS AND ENJOY LIFE THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.....DRUG FREE/AND OR ALCOHOL FREE. DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL.......what are you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????!!!!!!...

no--you will fail, now why the heck are you doing coke anyway??????????? how stupid are you!!!????

cuz it is
Yes. it takes only twenty four hours to get out of your system. If they take a hair sample then it is a different story. Your hair stores all the stuff that your body has taken in. They can even tell you what year aprox. you did drugs.

Loathe thy neighbor.
Stop doing Cocaine altogether. Your life is probably going down the drain, like almost all coke user's.lives do.

Joe B
u should, but it would not hurt to drink as much water as possible.

No Way.... it can take months to get it all the way out of your system... If they test your hair they can tell even further back.

lol no, good luck though, ppl i know have gotten busted and they didnt do coke for 2 weeks

you need to get help,that stuff will destroy your life sooner or later.and to answer your question its out of your system in 72 hours more or less.

If its done by hair sample, you're screwed!

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