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Aled H
Why would people refuse to donate organs after they are dead?
sorry, i no im asking a few questions of this ilk, but should this not be manditory?- anyone, except for some religious people would be more than happy to take a life saving organ!?

I believe it should be manditory, religion or no religion. You accept blood etc throughout you life. When you die you are being selfish by not donating as you have finished with them - why not save a life! It should become law.

Well really I think its just the thought for most people...you know of them taking something out of you dead or alive some people just get wierded out by it. And why did you point "religious people" out...heck more of them do and want to donate than the unreligious.

My wife is not an organ donor, and with good reason -- she has myotonic muscular dystrophy, which means all her organs (including her eyes) would do more harm to a potential organ recipient than good.

Personally I agree your not going to be using them any more why not save someone else obviously they couldn't help you or you wouldn't be dead.

I guess some people are just not used to the idea or think that it is wrong don't know why though saving another life is always a good thing except maybe Hitler his mom should of gone through with the abortion. Abortion another bad idea that i think shouldn't be allowed except for maybe in rare cases.....

I wonder if there was more awareness about donating your organs and how much it truly helps others if there would be more people willing to do so.

Some people forget that once the spirit or personality leaves the body at death, it's just a shell. Some go on about the resurrection at the end of time, without taking into consideration those who die in fires, accidents, wars--and whose bodies are destroyed or eaten by scavengers.
The refusal to donate/accept organs is a primitive fear deeply-rooted in some people; some fear the hospital will "let them die to harvest their organs" (which is nonsense, in any case they would be interested in keeping those donor organs in tiptop shape as long as possible). Others are too closely identifying the human body with the spirit/mind that makes us who we are.
I carry a donor card and the drs always treat me with respect. Once I'm gone, I'm gone--if I've got anything someone can use to save a life, that's great.

There was a programme on TV where they asked people to give blood, but all the blood that came from black people were deemed to be 'no good', and was thrown away.

I have no problem with them emptying me out completely! However....just not my eyes...don't ask me why it just doesn't sit ok with me. I also wouldn't want anyone to take my husband's eyes...maybe because it's said to be the mirror to the soul!

I've discussed with my daughter whether she'd like to donate her organs (she's 22), she's says no....but she is going through a thing at the moment with the whole idea of death...so I understand.

I know that should any of my family, or anyone for that matter, needed an organ...they should be able to get one without putting their family and themselves through loads of worry whether they'll live or die.

You do raise a good point.

Its not up to the person whos dead. Its up to their loved ones. If someone wishes to donate their organs than they need to tell close relatives and after they pass the close relatives will donate the organs.

Jia K
i know what you are trying to say...i would want to give my organs too, however i would think twice giving my body for students to learn from as i have heard too many stories about med kids disrespecting cadavers it just makes you sick...but yeah for donation to save someones life....deffinately would do!

I don't know. When I die, they can do what they like with me.

It should not be mandatory but I do agree with your other points. I guess its the natural instinct of preservation and the idea of being chopped up that prevents us.

some people dont want their loved ones to be messed about with or cut open, and most dont want to have a post mortem (autopsy for the usa peeps) as they want their loved one to rest in peace. Even though they cant feel it or have anything to do with their bodies anymore the thought of that kind of thing does leave a nasty taste in your mouths when thinking aobut a loved one.

Again with your other question freedom of choice to do what u want with your body therefore its not mandatory

I need mine for the afterlife. How am gonna eat all those strawberries and cream without innards.

Some people just don't like their family members or themselves being bothered while they're dead. They think something will happen if their body is messed around with, and they don't want some random doctors and people poking into their bodies. They want to know that when they die, they'll be safe and have all of their body parts. I know that they could use their body parts to save other people who are still alive, and some people know that and do it.. But they just want to be left alone. Besides, they don't want a surgeon messing up the surgery and then destroying a section of their dead body. They sure wouldn't like that if they were alive or dead.

A few years back , I can't remember what show but it was something like 20/20, fifth estate or something along those lines that said if you sign your donor card and you are in an accident they are more than likely to let you die so they can use your organs for people waiting on organs. If you think about it you are signing your death warrant. Why would doctors save one person for x amount of money when they can let you die and use your organs to save 3 or 4 people and make 5 x's the amount it would cost to keep you alive!

I've already expressed my wishes to my family that i want all my organs to be donated. I can totally see your point of why this should be manditory. However, if you've seen how organs are harvested it isn't pretty and I can understand why the thoughts of it upset the families left behind. There again if you've got a loved one who needs an organ your views would be strongly in favour of donation. I believe that 90% of people would agree to donate organs if the were shown some sort of documentary about the people who were given a second chance because of donation. I remember watching a program about a lady who had been given the heart of a sixteen-year-old boy. When she met his parents she allowed his mother to put her had against her chest and then said something like, 'your son's heart beats in my chest', if most people saw that they'd agree to donate.

Easy Rider
Some people are worried that the doctors wont do everything they can to save their life if they know they can use their organs once they are gone. or that they might turn off life support earlier if they realise they can use the persons organs once they have died.

Mandatory!! Are you crazy, of course it shouldn't be mandatory.

I would love to donate my organs but they dont want them. I have hep.c. and I guess all my organs are missed up.

Monkey-Finger U.K
What from beyond the Grave you mean ?.......

ashley m
I agree,I can't understand why people wouldnt want to help save a life after they have gone,especially if their organs are healthy ones.I have had a donor card since I was young and I stand by it now,if something hhappens to me I want as much of my body as possible to go to saving others.

domme me
I am a card carrying organ donor (I am atheist/agnostic) But I am aware that my surviving relatives may not feel comfortable having my carcass carved up

(personally , I'd like my useful organs donated, and the rest chopped up for dog food, but I dont expect that would be
allowed :-)

have you not heard the saying rest in peace not (rest in pieces)
just joking i suppose it is up to the families what they do.


...maybe they're Eternal Optimists, and believe they may come back?!?
I bet you an Arm and a Leg that they do...........

The BudMiester
They can have all of mine. I`m only going up in smoke anyway!

The second cuming
because it is believed that doctors will try less to save a person with healthy organs, if that doctor is in need of an organ for a transplant to a more well known patient to him/her.

Faith ((Ninja and Ducky))
I don't know, although it is something which i have considered in the past, i always come to the same conclusion. I don't want to feel violated - and i think becoming a donor will just leave my family thinking that is what has happened. Never know though, it's all just psychological, i donate blood so i may become a donor in the near future.

There are some religious groups for whom organ donation is forbidden, and some people's personal belief systems prevent them from doing so as well.

I believe that the system should be opt-out rather than opt-in, with those not wishing to participate registering themselves as such. Religious organisations could then register their members en Masse.

The UK Transplant website has some excellent guidance on religious perspectives to transplantation here: https://www.uktransplant.org.uk/ukt/how_to_become_a_donor/religious_perspectives/religious_perspectives.jsp

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