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Why some woman are so sensitive when ask about their age and weight?

I really don't see why so many women are offended when asked about their age or weight...maybe this starts to develop as you get older and start to gain more weight...i've never had a problem telling people how much i weigh.

it's no ones business, it is disrespectful to a woman to be asked their age and weight.

Age -- so that you dnt get to know how much wrinkle romoval crame she is consuming per day..
and weight ---anyways she has plenty og guys to take her in their arms..

these thoughts frighten them

because they are fat and old

Its personal..not your business. How would u like it if someone asked you how big or small your private is?

they don't like people to say, "your age is that", "weight is this".

Because it's no one else's business.

they wanna remain ageless n weightless. lol

is it cos they are old and plump?

My best guess is that it bothers them.

Painter Lady
Probably, low self-esteem. They feel that you may be looking for a way to criticize them. There is a lot of pressure on women to always be young and thin! Unfortunately, over time we all gain weight and we all get older. I am 43. I will be 44 on May 6th. I weigh approximately, 143 lbs. I am comfortable in my own skin and proud to be where I am in life.

Ive never cared if someone asked me my age,,and i was always honest,I'm not overweight,but I thought it was kind of rude for some one that didnt know me,to be asking my weight,

Fairy Codswallop
Because they're old and fat :P Or possibly just old-fashioned, I don't care if someone asks me :)

A lot of it is cultural. People are raised being taught that it is impolite to ask a woman her age or her weight. Woman are also very sensitive about their age and weight because so much importance is placed on these numbers. Men do not have the same societal pressure.

because a man is not supposed to ask that it shouldn't matter anywayz

Personally I´m the kind of girl who actually doesn´t care (Ive always been a bit of a tomboy lol),but my friends and sister do and I can tell you it is mainly cuz of low self steeem and the wrong idea that youth and weight are the strongest sides on a woman- at least here I can not talk about other countries - most men who leave their wifes leave em usually for a younger one, women tend to age faster than men sometimes so It is quite shocking to be asked their age, answer, and get a : really I TOUGHT you were older!about weight opur society has done the best to make us believe the thinner the more beautiful clothes are mainly designed for skin and bone girls and beauty my friend is something every woman wants to have a good looking aspect so they feel admired by men and envied by other women, vanity I´d say....

it is because they are insecure - you can ask me


It's all down to media pressure - if you're female and not in your teens or 20's and you're not a size 8, you're made to feel old and fat. Women tend to be very sensitive about this because they fear ridicule when in fact they are just normal.

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