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Why does my body hurt after a fight?
i had a fight yesterday morning and the girl i fought lost the fight. i punched her and everything and she didn't get the chance to hit me. but im wondering why does my body hurt if she didn't even hit me?
Additional Details
its both my arms that hurt and my neck

u r WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

papa bear
high adrennelin<? rush,,body not used to it !!

Maybe from all the swinging and kicking you did. You sored out your body, eh!

sean percival

if it hurts that means that she did hit u but u didn't notice

If she did not hit you, it is not a fight. It is an attack. Which part did your body hurt? Your fist? Maybe she had strong bones. You should drink more milk

Democracy is coming ===&gt;
Sympathy pains

hit a wall and check for ur self..
though the wall doesnt hit u back ur hand/leg will pain..
as simple as that....:)

Because you were using muscles that you've never used before. Next time, try to settle things calmly and respectfully without fighting. You'll both feel better.

your nerves can cause pain to your muscles

Robin R
you excersised muscles that you normally dont, your muscles are sore.

Abdumalik A
because the girl is half angle and you fought that girl Allah was hep her and you feel your body hurt .
May Allah Guide us .

because even though she didn't hit you your muscles were tensed and when you finally released them and calmed down you were sore

Well Howmany this is mine....Your body doesn't hurt, its your emotions playing tricks on you. Fighting builds up Adrinaline, and stirs your senses up and gets your body ready to deliver and recieve damage. my assesment is that your senses are going, "What? thats it? no hits? no pain? whoa whoa whoa hold up. This can't be right." and like a train that puts on the brakes your body goes, "ERKKKKKK" and you feel the after effects. Relax though. take a deep breath. things will return to normal. and try not to kill anyone okay? I'd hate to have to be the one to clean up all the blood, it gets everywhere. ;)

for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

Because you aren't used to working the muscles that you worked as hard as you did when you fought. If you were to continue to work the same muscles eventually your body will be used to working those muscles and won't hurt when you work them anymore.

Jacques Strappe
Great question. I can't wait for the brilliant responses.

because you chose to get into a fight instead of working things out. pain will repeat even if no physical contact is involved,

you are possibly upset at yourself for your choice for having knowing that you could have been a better person in the situation and just let it go. ask the people in prison what they would have done differently.

if you want to know the physics, or if this is a science question of why this is happening try wikipedia.org for encyclopedia online answers.

good luck

It is bcos your body is tired and your muscle might be worn out, try to avoid heavy exercise and you'll be back in shape in no time.

Over-extended your arm. Probably stretched the heck out of them!

chirena, honey, you are far to beautiful to be getting in fights. I just can't even imagine one so lovely fighting!!!
so, no more fights. Anyway, when you are excited and fighting or doing anything strenuous, your muscles are highly activated, that causes sourness.

you might have won the fight by luck huh?

but girl youfought ; what do you expect?

Because you used muscles that you havent used for a while

Your body isn't used to those amounts of adrenaline which secrete and are released when you are put in a fight or flight situation. FIGHT in your case. To make your body feel better you need to flush it with lots of water. Should feel good in a day or two. Even though you won the fight you also put your body in a lot of stress. Hope the ********* deserved it and you shouldn't fight you should be a LOVER LOL Good Luck!

From anxiety, muscle tension and adrenaline that occurs when protecting yourself in a dangerous situation.

It has to balance, the condition that was before the fight, that is, it was not hurting.

Adrenaline takes a toll...also the mental stress during the fight works your muscles out, tensing them...

Is like a good workout routine

Because you stress out your body in ways you normally don't. Think of it this way, if you suddenly ran a mile or two, but hadn't been walk much lately, it'll hurt your legs and chest, because you are using those areas harder than you normally. When you get in a fight, suddenly your using your arms and legs at angles you normally don't use, as well as putting actaull force behind it, in an attempt to cause damage. In the spur of the moment, you also cloud you mind with excitement, anger, or whatever, and your mind doesn't tell you your arms are aching, so when it finally does, it goes in a second from nothing to pain.

Do this: Stick your hand in the air and hold it there. You might not normally do that, (I certainly don't) so you wont be able to keep it there for long, as the mucles for keeping it up aren't correctly exercised. After a few minutes or more, it'll seem like your arm is getting heavier. It truth, it's your mucles getting tired. You may be in fine physical condition in some areas, but not all. Your legs may be strong at some angles, but in angles you hardly use, it'll be weak.

Hope you understand what I'm saying.

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