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Why do you have to be 18 to smoke?
well im 16 and i have tried smokes before is it bad for me at this age.

Because Thats The Law But I Been Smoking Since I Was 16 I'm 19 Now

because kids your age are still too retarded to know that it's bad for you

you can smoke at age 16 in england

katie p
Because if you smoke when you are under 18 your body will not function right for the rest of your life!

gaurav t
Hello friend i am Gaurav from India actually i would like to give u some suggestions.................
Smoking is just like hell.......you shouldnot even smoke .....because it really affects you n your surroundings...including the ppl surround u.....i am not like giving u lecture but friend you will understand it when you will get addicted to it.......
The exact answer of you question (which i meant is appropriate) is when you will be of 18 you will be a Sensible person which can able to think what is bad and what is good.......

Jay babe
are you kidding? of course its bad for you..ESPECIALLY especially at your age. first of all, your brain and body is still developing..you're not even 18 yet. and the sooner you start, the worst its going to get..believe me, you dont want to start..i dumped my boyfriend bcuz he was aLWAYS smoking, and its sooo nasty kissing him. and my dad has a nasty smokers hack. its disgusting. he stays up late at night coughing and spitting up all that nasty mucus **** that builds up in his lungs. my uncle just died from lung cancer too...its not ******* cool, why do you think they call them "cancer sticks?" its not a joke.

u dont have 2 b 18 i smoked a couple times and im 13 i dont do it ne more tho

Man, my grandmother died of lung cancer from smoking.

My grandfather lost part of his chest because of cancer, which was partly from smoking.

You are destroying your lungs when you smoke.

Smoking is bad for you AT ANY AGE.

All you have to do is talk to someone who has smoked for more than ten years. Odds are they will tell you they are embarrased about it and wish they could quit, but can't. Don't even start.

Smoking has all kinds of health risks, regardless of your age. But that's not what you wanted to hear, is it? Eighteen is apparently the "magic age" for smoking, just like 21 is the magic age for drinking. We all know that you suddenly and mysteriously achieve the ability to fully inhale at midnight on your 18th birthday. Similarly, when we turn 21 we, all of us, suddenly become responsible drinkers who only consume alcohol in moderation. Right?

Before this age patients are in growth period, and consuming poisoning things like cigarette and etc. should cause undergrowth.

You have to be 18 to smoke because at age 18 you are considered as an adult,and by the way smoking does not make any one look cool so stop

Kena P
U r not allowed to smoke before u turn 18 just to make sure that u do not die before turning into an adult . Even i m 15 iand i know it looks cool and whatever but believe me there are many other ways to look cool .This might interest u that one cigarette takes 8 minutes from our life " Do u still wants to continue smoking or enjoy ur life ???"

Because people under that age are more influencial. I smoked from 16 to 19 and when I was finally old enough to buy a pack I realized how stupid it is.

It is bad for you at any age man, take it from me it isnt worth it. Your health will go quickly, you'll get this brain fog and you will not do as well in school.

It's not that you have to be 18 to smaoke, it's that by 18 you should be mature enough to make decisions about your own health, inclusding smoking cigarettes. Cigs are bad for you no matter what age you are.

You dont have to be anything.

Smoking isn't any worse for you at 16 than it is at 18, either way you're harming your lungs, immune system, etc. I guess the government just assumes that teens are old enough to make better decisions at 18 than at 16.

IT'S BAD FOR YOU AT ANY AGE....DON'T START. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

You have to be 18 to buy one. You probably won't go to jail for smoking one before 18. Although the person who gave cigarett will get in trouble.

SG Elite
It is because at age 18 you should be able to know the good and bad of smoking. However, smoking is bad for health, it's best you quit or don't start at all.

Because they want you to be of legal age to start killing yourself slowly.

Visit a lung cancer victim. I think a bullet is quicker.

Hi. I smoked till I was twenty one. I was a keen SCUBA diver. I found that smoking was causing my lungs and bronchial tubes to produce lots of mucous to try to protect the delicate linings. This of course tended to block my sinuses making it very hard to equalise the pressures when I dived. I decided to give it up. My diving improved and my jogging really improved a lot. I was getting more oxygen quicker from lungs to bloodstream. I enjoyed smoking, but I now realise it is a very stupid thing to be doing. Your health is so important because bad health stops you doing so many things and smoking is a sure way to reduce your chances of being fit and healthy. I watched my father slowly suffocate to death when his lungs could no longer give him enough oxygen to live. Smoking killed him. His last words as he died were, "Why did I ever smoke". Don't do it mate. Mike.

Because when you are younger, your brain is not fully developed and it can cause you to make bad decisions, a person should not be able to smoke unless they are fully capable of realizing the long term and short term effects!

hope I helped

kid, if you don't know that smoking will kill you then for you, the answer will be that you have to be 80 before you can smoke.

sweetie, smoking kills people...not temporarily, but FOR EVER

those anti-cig commercials, are directed to you...

WHY would u want to? Thesres no benefit whatsoever, man. You get ugly, old, smelly and die quicker. You DIE sooner!!! Why would you want that?

immaturity thats why, but obviously 16,18, 20, 22, 30, 40, 45, 50. doesnt make a difference. why would you atart cant you find a better way to get friends.

you have to be 18 because then youre legally considered an adult and have to decision to slowly begin killing yourself over the next 40 years. But i guess the earlier you start the faster you die right? really clever buddy

Smoking is so devastating for anyone's health, that the government had to step in to protect children and teenages making it illegal to smoke. Unfortunately some children and teens do it anyway by finding ways to get cigarettes. The addiction is compared to using heroin when trying to stop smoking. The studies have found that the younger the person is when they begin to smoke, the harder it is to stop.

It's bad for you at any age. Stop smoking

You need to be old enough to make a competent decision.

Kacey Smith
Sure it is bad for you. Eighteen is the acceptable (adult) age for a lot of things. The thing that is bad about pre-18 smoking is that it has been shown that Nicotine receptors in the brain are still developing until around age 18. If you start smoking younger, they claim that you will become more dependent on cigarettes and it will be harder to quit for this reason. I work in clinical cancer research. Many of our patients are smokers...or ex-smokers...or dead. Good luck to you.

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